Discover the Largest Database of Service Providers With Key Insights on What Makes them Unique

Gygzy provides you the most promising database of service providers from around the world. Whether it’s a unique service, or a location to your preference; we can help you find a service partner who meets all your requirements to get your business up and running.

About Us

Gygzy is a B2B research and review platform that provides detailed information about the top IT service providers around the world. The platform enables software buyers, and servicer seekers to select the best companies and firms for their in-house projects. Service seekers will get a comprehensive review of various service providers - with details about service delivery, cost of service, industry experience, and more. As a result, companies can make well-informed decisions when it comes to choosing a partner to work with over the next few months, or even years.

The detailed analysis guarantees service seekers find the right partners to work with. This little foresight goes a long way in ensuring that projects go smoothly with little or no future alterations and costly do-overs. This comprehensive platform brings service seekers closer to the best in the business with the added convenience and peace of mind. Choosing your next IT project partner couldn’t get any easier.


Why us

Gygzy is an online platform that brings together service seekers with the best service providers around the world. Our database consists of a vast repository of companies that have served clients through excellence and hard work. Our years of industry experience has given us a good understanding of the challenges that companies go through when seeking a service provider.

On the far end of this spectrum, we also know the IT industry is overcrowded with a host of providers. This makes it almost impossible for distinguished companies to set themselves apart. It’s a lose-lose situation unless service seekers and providers come together on a platform that knows how to separate the “Chaff from the wheat.”

Our Researh

Gygzy’s credible and robust research forms the backbone for providing detailed information of providers around the world. Our team of researchers spearhead the review of IT services and software solutions to select the best-performing companies based on stringent in-house research protocols. Gygzy’s research team comprises some of the most skilled and experienced researchers in the industry. We pride in the fact that all our reviews are done in a full-proof and unbiased manner - ranking providers based on merit and merit alone.

At Gygzy, every service provider undergoes a two-step review process. The first process involves user ratings and feedback. These are based on real-life interactions with named companies and customer interactions with first-hand experience of their products and services.

Gygzy judges the market performance based on a number of crucial parameters like market penetration, product portfolio, and overall client experience (to mention a few). Based on these findings, it ranks providers, along with other top companies on the market.

Another remarkable feature of Gygzy’s custom research method is the mapping of different service providers with their particular unique selling points. This allows service seeks to filter specific categories within the IT industry. This categorization enables service seekers to easily navigate according to the respective countries, states, and cities. If you would like to join this community, please register now on our platform to get onboard.