10 Most Popular Graphic Design Companies in the World

Graphic design has become an essential part of brand image creation. As the importance of online presence increases, graphic design also gains more and more attention. Currently, one can find graphic design companies of all sizes with different features. Whether you want affordable services, the highest quality, innovative designs, or retro style, there is a suitable option for your business. However, some service providers have a notorious place in the graphic design sector. Sure, their services are not accessible to all businesses as they might be pricey. Yet, in return for huge budgets, these companies deliver designs that stay in consumer minds for a lifetime. 

Wolff Olins

London based graphic design company Wolff Olins is popular for its innovative and bold creations. Industry giants like Alibaba, Uber, Google, Skype, Unilever, PwC, or GE exist among its customers. Reviewing their design projects, it is not surprising that Wolff Olins has worked with the best of the best. The company even worked with London 2012 Olympics organizers and helped create an "out-of-box" image for the games.


If there is a list for graphic design companies without mentioning Pentagram, then it is completely useless. This design studio works with famous organizations and has a network of professional partners like Colin Forbes and Harry Pearce. Though the company's headquarter is in London, it has locations in different parts of the world, including Berlin and New York. This design company's popularity is also noticeable from the customers it worked with, some of them being worldwide known clients like Oprah Winfrey Show, Tiffany, and Co, Harley-Davidson, Alexander McQueen, etc.


Barcelona based design studio- Mucho- is not only one of the popular graphic design companies in Spain but also worldwide. Mucho mainly focuses on brand image and delivers brand management, narrative, and overall strategy services. Its mission of making the world an aesthetically attractive place has positively influenced its approach to digital designs and stimulated the success in a short time. Among its notable clients, Apple, BMW, or Google is worth mentioning. 

Sagmeister & Walsh 

By being a partnership between two extremely talented people- Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh, it is not surprising that the company has huge popularity. One of these partners- Stefan S., works on non-commercial work, where Jessica W. deals with advertising and branding work. This company is one of the top 10 graphic design companies of New York, and it serves a multitude of brands all over the world, including Snapchat, 7Up, BMW, Autodesk, Adobe, and Levis. 

House Industries

If you are looking for a retro-style design, House Industries is the way to go. It is a graphic design company that focuses mainly on lettering, fonts, drawing, and painting. Hence, this studio has a more traditional approach to graphic design. By checking their previous works done for Carnival, Hermes, the New Yorker, or Henry Ford, it is possible to notice the House Industries' works' tone. Besides providing design services, the company also offers different goods as decor, apparel, or toys. 

Happy Cog

Graphic design companies usually provide services to businesses from different industries, and Happy Cog is one of such studios. They have years of experience working with clients in a wide range of industries like healthcare, real estate, or technology. Their diverse experience also has a positive influence on their designs as they use a variety of styles.

In addition to graphic design, Happy Cog is specialized in Data Analytics, optimization, web or mobile development, and market research. Big business clients utilize their services like Google, Airbnb, Zappos, Papa John's, etc.

Charlie Smith

Charlie Smith previously worked in Pentagram and then founded a design studio in 2003, which became one of the top graphic design companies quickly. Charlie's team is now full of professionals delivering packaging or digital design, and they guide the client in every element of the project, from the colors to materials used. One can recognize Charlie Smith's designs for business clients like Dragonfly Tea, Louis Vuitton, Royal Academy of Arts, Yale, etc. Whether you need a brand strategy, packaging, print, or digital design ideas, Charlie Smith will provide top-notch service. 

Saffron Brand Consultants

Saffron Brand Consultants has a headquarter in Madrid, but it also owns locations in different parts of the world- Istanbul, London, Vienna, and Mumbai. Since its establishment in 2001, the company explored opportunities emerging from globalization and developing markets to gain fame among design companies. It is possible to see YouTube, Coca-Cola, Fujitsu, Goldman Sachs, and other noteworthy businesses in its client list. Besides, like many other best graphic and web design companies, the company presents its previous works on the official website so that prospective customers can make informed decisions.


One of the largest design companies in the world with a long history is Landor. It had provided design services since 1941, the time when Walter Landor started the business. Since that time, Landor has grown multifold, and currently, the company has locations in twenty countries, including France, Russia, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom, etc. It is no wonder that huge enterprises in need of graphic design or similar services worked with Landor several times. Such notable clients are Nike, Apple, Levis, Coca-Cola, FedEx, or Juicy Couture. The company also delivers a wide range of services, besides graphic design, like brand identity, innovation, engagement, packaging, and positioning.

Meta Design

Meta Design is one of the top 10 graphic design companies which provide brand strategy, creation, experience, and activation services. San-Francisco based company has offices in Beijing, Berlin, Lausanne, Zurich, and other cities. Since 1979 when three German designers established the company, it has delivered services to industry giants like AT&T, eBay, Sony, the Economist, etc. 

How to Find Best Companies?

Web and graphic design companies mentioned in this guide provide impeccable services to every single client. However, not every business will have access to their services due to budget limitations. Therefore, instead of comparing companies based on their absolute fame, it is better to evaluate the quality by considering the business needs. Some design companies in the market will provide high-quality services at reasonable prices for startups and small businesses. In short, it is essential to think about the design needs of the business before starting to review the alternatives. 

Next, it is advisable to evaluate the service providers based on different features- quality, price, business size, communication level, speed, accuracy, innovation, etc. In this case, the business owner and manager can find the most suitable option. Alternatively, you can use third-party platforms, like Gygzy research and review, to get reliable information about graphic design companies. The Gygzy team uses a specific methodology to evaluate the service providers and rank them accordingly. In this way, the Gygzy users skip all the hassle of research and access a list of best design service providers. Besides, Gygzy considers various business needs and makes sure that a company is suitable for your specific needs in the evaluation process.


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