5 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Web Designer

Let's say you have been dreaming of creating your very own website for the last couple of months. The only thing left is to hire a web designer. Designing part can be a dream for many. Hiring a web designer part can also be a nightmare if you do not know where to start. 

Before you can have a look at the top web design companies, you need to address the elephant in the room. This elephant can be both large, and small depending on your demand. In any case, it is an elephant, and it needs to be addressed. The nuance is knowing where to start. The easiest way to get started is by asking questions. Questions can help clear up your mind, and let you get started in making the first initial moves. Your choice of a web designer will have a significant impact on your end product, and can define the level of pleasure you will take in building your website. The point of this article is to help you prepare some questions, which you can ask before hiring a web designer. So without further ado, let's get going!

Does their portfolio meet your style?

Everyone has their own style. That is all fine and good, but it does not mean you should go and hire a web designer with a different style that does not match yours. Often a diverse chemistry mix in styles does not mean you will be getting abstract and fun results. It could mean lots of trouble down the road. Sadly, oftentimes this aspect is overlooked. Since the idea is concerned with the design style and taste matters, sometimes it can be hard for you to settle on things with your designer throughout the project. 

So when choosing a web designer to higher, check their portfolio thoroughly and ask yourself if you would like to see the same vibe and style in your final work. A simple question, yet it can make or break your project. In most cases, designers do not show all of their previous projects on the portfolio page. Usually, it is a selection of their favorite works. The variety you see can often be the mirror of the designer's authentic style. If your styles match, you are good to go. If a simple glittery logo does not impress you, it is a good idea that you move on to the next option. 

Asking about the site-building process

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The answers you are going to get to this question can determine the level of experience your web designer has. A web designer who has been doing this for a long time can easily give you the steps to web design one by one. The reason for this is, you are not their first client, and they have explained the process hundreds of times. A newbie designer can sometimes have a hard time giving you the exact procedures. 

If you are on the market to hire a web designer, odds are you are not all that much experienced yourself. Even though the process is not the most exciting thing you have heard of, it is good to know that an experienced designer can help you get through them much more relaxed. What you learn from your web designer can help you set the bar for many projects to come, giving you a sense of confidence. There is also the convenience of working with a professional that can push you. With someone who knows what they are doing, you will need to do your part on time, and give them the content and edits they need. In the end, you will be reaching deadlines and completing the project on time for the launch date. 

Asking for references

Reading online reviews and testimonials can be a reliable way of choosing and hiring a web designer. But the biggest favor you can do for yourself is to contact past clients. Expect to get information on clients the designer has had the best time working with. So don't hesitate to shower them with lots of questions. 

If they do not have anyone to direct to you or the person you are speaking with does not seem to be optimistic about their work, it might be time to move on. Since the web design industry is a big one, you will not be stranded if you decide to move on. Remember what they say; there are plenty of fishes in the sea. 

When can you get started?

If they say something along the lines of tomorrow or as soon as possible, you should continue looking elsewhere. It may sound tempting to get started ASAP, but if a designer does not have projects they are working on at the moment, it could be alarming. Most designers usually have clients wait for some time until they have entirely devised a plan. You are already in trouble if you need to hire a web designer fast, because you should have started looking at least a month before your project even began.

Do they outsource themselves?

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You are outsourcing for a web designer. But does the designer of your choice outsource some of the work too? Often outsourcing for web design companies can be a good thing, but sometimes it can spell trouble. Most of the time, web designers are requested to make logo designs, custom fonts, illustrations, custom web development features, and more. For you to find a web designer that can do all of the tasks mentioned above would be like finding a needle in a haystack. In other words, almost impossible. 

Let's say you do ask your designer team for lots of things beside website design, they will be outsourcing for help. If that's the case, outsourcing is a good thing, because a web design company does not lie about their abilities. It allows you to see their strengths and weaknesses. If the time comes and a web design company will most likely outsource from well-known business partners, outsourcing in those cases is okay. 

There might come a case where the best web design company you have chosen, outsources some of its work to third world countries. As you might have guessed, this can be a problem. You might see a drop in quality of work, and in general, you could be getting ripped off price-wise in the end. Hence, it is crucial to check to see who the outsourced work is trusted too. You can also check the website of the outsourced company to see if they are legit. In some cases, work that is outsourced to many other parties can slow the progress of your project, make sure to also keep an eye for that before having to hire a web designer.


Having the pleasure of designing your website can be a blast. Keeping the questions mentioned above at hand can save you from getting blasted away in the process. Having to hire a web designer does not have to be tricky; there are plenty of choices to choose from. So keep these questions in mind and get out there and hire a web design company you have been dreaming for!

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