5 Tips for Finding the Best PR Company in Los Angeles

Let's say you recently started your dream company, or you are a new celebrity on his or her way to the top of Hollywood, or you are just looking for a PR company in Los Angeles. Whichever it may be, you will most likely need to hire a team of Public Relation (PR) specialist to help you reach your goals. PR companies can range from big names in the industry like Sensis, Cerrell Associates, W2O Group, which can cost your business tens of thousands of dollars, to smaller more tighter firms like Hippo Thinks, Brenton Way, which are cheaper but do not lack the services that the more prominent companies offer. Whichever your intentions and company goals may be, by the end of this article, you will surely have a broad idea of what to look for. So without further ado, here are five tips that will help you find the best PR company in Los Angeles.

#1 Deciding and Establishing PR Goals

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A well-coordinated and successful move is firmly cemented with the criteria you have made on the road to achieving those set goals. There are numerous companies in and around Los Angeles. Finding a PR company in Los Angeles should not be your first concern, setting the goals for what you want from that PR Company specifically should be of primary interest. Sharing these goals with the PR company of choice and determining whether they can handle them should also be a big tie-breaker. Some companies focus mainly on PR, while some, along with Public Relations also focus on issues like Marketing, Branding, etc. Preparing a plan after you have chosen a PR company could set you back lots of money or even worse, valuable time that could have been spent on building the company. Having a well thought out plan of action and goals also helps the PR company you want to work with know what they should be prepared to do, and if they can work with and help you along the way. It is best to brainstorm and have a finalized course of action in order to prevent any misunderstandings further down the road. 

#2 Determining Your Budget

Just as you would enter a restaurant according to the money you have in your pocket, you should choose the PR company that fits your budget. Try to go with the saying "Buy your bed sheets for your height" nothing too long or too short. Just because a firm charges less than the competition, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is less capable. It could be quite the opposite, and a smaller, more affordable company could do better than a big brand name because it specializes in a specific area of PR. Taylor and Co., for instance, charge around 200-300 dollars per hour for their services ranging from PR to Social Media Marketing and Branding with a minimum project size of 25000 plus dollars. Taylor and Co. might be on the more expensive side of the spectrum, but you do have cheaper options like Tribe Builder Media that charges around 150-199 dollars for their services, that specialize even a bit more than Taylor and Co. in PR. So do not fret in the face of finding the best company for your needs. There is plenty to choose from when looking for the best PR company in Los Angeles.

#3 Doing Research and Considering all options

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Just as you are on this article to receive tips for finding the right PR company in Los Angeles, you should also research into the PR company you are considering to hire. Research can be done by looking into their track record, reading customer reviews, and hearing from past clients. Customer satisfaction is the mirror of a company's legitimacy. Visiting their websites can also be a good start, reading the promises of the firm, and analyzing to what level does the firm hold them through client feedback. Where is the company located in LA in regards to your own company? Having one close to your headquarters is also a good convenience for future cooperation. Requesting samples of work the company has done in the past is also a good tactic. Asking for a list of the companies the digital marketing company has worked with helps you visualize what sort of clients it has experience with, and check with those previous companies for feedback. If the PR company has a hard time sharing such experiences with you, then you should reconsider other companies and move on to find a more suitable one for your business. 

#4 Chemistry and Its Importance

Chemistry is essential in everyday life and the environment around us in the end, even the water we drink is H2O. In PR, however, there is another type of chemistry business we need to focus on. That is the chemistry of the PR or SEO company team you choose to work with. Getting to know the people and liking them is a significant factor that many people unfortunately overlook. The success of individual people reflect on the work they do, the success of the workers in the firm you hire will reflect on your company, and vice versa. Mutual understanding is key.

Another thing to look for is that when a PR company sends a pitch team for a meeting with your company, make sure that it is the team you will be working with in the future. Do not fall for the bait of having the best team showed up to pitch for your precious penny, and then have them send another mediocre amateur team to work with you once you have signed a contract. See the team you work with as not just someone you have hired, but as members of your team. Make it clear from the first day that the goal of the company is to work as a team to reach the desired goal. Los Angeles is a big city with a melting pot of people from all backgrounds. It will not be hard to find the right team for your likings. 

#5 You have found the Best PR Company in Los Angeles!

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Now what? Well, the next thing to do is sign the contract. With any long-time legal work, a contract is a must. Having the contract presented to you and signing it with your eyes closed, as you may have already guessed is not very wise. Reading the contract with your lawyer and making sure that the agreements are mostly in your favor would be a better option. Carefully understanding the key terms like your costs and budget, the team you will work with, the reporting process, etc. will make sure you have smooth sailing ahead. If anything does not look right and smells fishy, then you are probably right to follow your guts. Most PR firms are flexible and will be willing to negotiate. 

As a fresh entrepreneur, every decision you make in starting and growing business could make or break your future success. Especially in a city like Los Angeles with many different kinds of PR agencies and companies all fighting for your attention and bucks, making the right decision and choosing the best company should not be very hard. At first, all of this may seem like a daunting task, but with smart advice and these tips, you too could tackle the task of finding the best PR company in Los Angeles.

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