8 The Best Web Development Companies in 2021

Our lives would be unimaginable without the internet. It is the foundation on which business and technology are built on. But did you know that the root of the internet is web development? In other words, it is all because of web development that you can use websites and applications every day. So, what are the best web development companies that have experience and the technical know-how to work on your project? If you are looking for more answers, you are in the right place. This article will discuss thebest web development companies.

Dom & Tom

Have you heard of this name before? Possibly not. This US-based company was founded in 2009. Since then, the company has come a long way in offering digital product development services. These services are concentrated on emerging technologies. Dom & Tom offers products for both startups and enterprise solutions. They back up their clients’ needs by the attractive design, open collaboration, perfect user experience, and development for mobile and web. Until now, the New-York based company has completed more than 500 web projects and 120 mobile apps. In general, they offer web development, research, design, IOS, and Android development, user-interface, marketing, UX strategy and design, and more. Among their clients include Samsung, McDonald’s, Bloomberg, and others. Now you understand why Dom & Tom is among the best web development companies. Lastly, the company charges $150-$199 for an hour of service. 

Chop Dawg

Chop Dawg is another company in our list of best web development companies. Since its creation, the company has built around 250 products for its clients with diverse demands. Chop Dawg has generated web and mobile apps, blockchain technologies, and more for startups, non-profit organizations, and others. The team of Chop Dawg does not see themselves as the servicer. Instead, the company thinks of itself as an end-to-end technical partner of its clients. So, the company is indeed among the best web development companies in the world.

Further, Chop Dawg offers services in-app analytics, blockchain technology, Web development, UX strategy and design, prototyping, IOS and Android development, and more. There are some notable customers of the company, too. We can name Hilton, Siemens, and Aspirion as some. Finally, the company charges its clients $100-$149 for an hour of service. 

Blue Fountain Media

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One of the best web development companies near me is Blue Fountain Media. Since 2003, the company has been at the top-level in this field. It has supported customers with services in eCommerce, education, startup, non-profit, B2B, and others. What differentiates Blue Fountain Media from other companies is their work culture. Thanks to the environment created for employees, they are very motivated by the mission of the company and do not look forward to just end every week. This US-based company charges its customers $150-$199 per hour. 


The next company appearing on our list is Webzool. This name may be new to you. The comparatively new company, Webzool, offers services in the fields of Web Design & DevelopmentSEO, Graphic Design, Game Development, and more. This LA-based company has satisfied its customers multiple times with correctly delivered services in the aspects mentioned above. Among their notable customers, we can name Stallion Games, Studentloansresolved, and others. In addition to these clients, Webzool has supported businesses from diverse industries. This is another reason why Webzool found its place in our best web development companies list. 


Iflexion is the next company featuring on our list. It is the oldest company in the market. But this is by no means what makes Iflexion one of the best in the industry. The trust of clients, such as Adidas, Cisco, eBay, and more, is what makes Iflexion one of the best web development companies. Iflexion is known for its advanced solutions for its enterprise web apps and web solutions. Besides the clients mentioned above, Iflexion has made more than 400 entities happy with its services. The company has been offering usability and user interface design, web application development, application security consulting, and related services since 1999. Despite being among the best companies, its hourly charge is $25-$49. 


Another top company in the web development industry is Dockyard. Founded in 2007, the company offers services in web application development, mobile application development, and custom software. They help transform their clients’ ideas into reality with their integrated approach. Having an experienced and professional team helps Dockyard in this work. Also, Dockyard has supported hundreds of companies until today. Among them, Harvard, Nasdaq, Apple, Netflix, and others feature. Dockyard has assisted a lot of startups, too, in their operations.

Additionally, the company offers services in staff augmentation, QA, training, project management, and so on. All these features make Dockyard one of the best web development companies around the globe — lastly, their charge for an hour of service changes between $150 and $199. 

Konstant Infosolutions

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We certainly could not forget to add Konstant Infosolutions to our list. Since its creation in 2003, the company has been offering mobile and web services to companies from different fields. More than 170 professional IT experts help the company achieve this. As a leader in the industry, its services include UI/UX design, Database Programming, Custom Web Development, Cross-platform mobile app development, eCommerce solutions, and more. What makes Konstant Infosolutions one of the best web development companies are also its clients. The company has served entities like Volkswagen, Nestle, United Nations, Citrix, and others. They charge the clients below $25 for the services they offer. 

Y Media Labs

Y Media Labs is the next dominant company in the web development industry. Having created more than 200 products since 2009, the company has been able to notice what others could not. Y Media Labs has reidentified mobile development by supplying perfect mobile user experiences. In total, the company has four offices, headquartered in California. The primary services Y Media Labs include web design, web development, mobile app development, prototyping, and more. One of the factors making Y Media Labs one of the best web development companies is the trust they have gained from customers. Amex, North Face, Disney, PayPal, and other features among its clients. Lastly, the amount that Y Media Labs charge changes between $150-$199.


In brief, there are hundreds of web development companies in the world. Obviously, not all of them offer high-quality services. For this reason, we researched and compiled the eight best web development companies for you. These companies differ regarding the services they offer, the prices they charge, and so on. Yet this does not change the fact that they are indeed proven to be the best web development companies out there. If you liked the article, you could find more related posts on our page. 


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