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Since you are on your way to hire a game developer, you might want to know a few things. Gaming has been around for more than a century. There are many genres to choose from. Video games are never-ending fun, and there is always a demand for good quality and compelling gaming experience.

Companies mostly rely on consumers when making a title decision; this can be seen throughout significant gaming sequels. Consumers generally will want a second or third title to enjoy their favorite games. Balancing between fans desire and good gaming story can be a complicated issue, and companies mostly rival each other to meet these demands. When you hire a developer, there are many companies to choose from. Each company is different from others, depending on prices and other aspects. It's mostly the quality that matters, and these qualities lie within the company strategy. The best plan for you would be to choose the one that best fits your style. So, here is a list of the top game development companies you can hire in 2020.


Visartech is an American company founded in 2010, and has around 50 employees. Company has an hourly rate of 50-99 US Dollars. The company has nine years of work experience, and has delivered over 130 games and business-related applications. This aspect alone should make you want to drop by when you want to hire a game developer. It has created 1500 of its 3D models and worked with more than ten different development platforms and has more than 87%, loyal clients. The team provides digital experiences from different areas points ranging from start-up concepts to custom made 3D solutions. 

The company has the advantage of gaining clients because of its innovative technology efficiently. They also deal with distinctive digital solutions for various ranges of industries, such as real estate, sports, education, and much more. If you are looking for an in-depth solution, the company mainly deals with interactive apps. This means all-around 3D application creation for web-based, smart devices, and creating interactive and simulation for the existing application. Digital Art mainly deals with animation and art. This means a focus on SFX, VFX, and XR in video game development. All of these features are done with a full development cycle. Take a closer look at the company before youhire a game developer to check their compatibility with your project.

Kmphasis Infotech

Kmphasis Infotech is very well known in India and is proliferating as an IT company. The central vision of the company is to give complete solutions in various fields such as web software and mobile-based applications, which include web development, and more. The many services on offer by the company is a reason why you should check them out before you hire a game developer. Kmphasis infotech uses next-gen technologies to transform the ideas of clients into reality. The main attraction point of Infotech for you might be the approach they take towards their clients. Before starting the project, the company partners closely with the clients to create a predetermined plan of action. The best part of this approach is that the client will be informed about every step of app development. 

Kmphasis Infotech offers a pay as you go system for businesses on a tight budget. There is also set-rate pricing. Besides helping out businesses with a tight budget, the company has a history of delivering projects on time. Regular meetings are a common sight when working with the company. One feature that might grab your attention is the post-launch support that clients receive after their projects are finished. There is a 45 day maintenance period to help you get on track. Besides this, there is also a 60-day bug warranty that makes sure your application does not face any issues during the critical first days. 

Focus area

Kmphasis Infotech has a broad focus area. They can help you develop Android and IOS applications, assist you in user interface design, and much more. Launching your application does not have to end here. The company also offers application analytics integrations, and marketing. The number of services does not end here. Kmphasis Infotech has a wide selection of services it can help you with. On your search to hire a developer, it is recommended that you drop by and take a look. 


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Algoworks simultaneously and effectively supports mobile app development services internationally. The company uses B2C native software to create a powerful multiplatform enterprise-level mobile solution; by doing so, the applications are innovated to today's standards. They have architects to consult with, for the best strategy for your needs in application creation. The business is located in America and India. The company is recognized by Fortune 500 companies such as Dell, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Amazon. Since the team is flexible they deliversin the shortest time possible thanks to its essential services, the services are Salesforce Enterprise Application Integration and DevOps. These services will make your application robust and up to date.

Algoworks is given the title of Silver Consulting Partner and Salesforce (ISV), helping global clients to grow their businesses. Thanks to its more than 60 qualified Salesforce Consultants in various locations such as USA, Sunnyvale, India, and Noida. They are giving support, customization, and development services. The company has many ratings in most of the countries globally, because of this the IT team in the company has been given the title of Most Popular Salesforce Consultant on AppExchange. The company has been attending Dreamforce since 2013. Founded in 2006, the company has 1000 employees worldwide. The hourly rate is around $25. 

Stallion Gaming - Hire a Game Developer

Stallion Gaming is one of those small game development companies that has lots to offer. The company is no triple-a game developer, but is no slouch either. It is a company of game designers and developers based in Los Angeles. In general there are lots of game development companies in the US. The best feature of the company is that they have been developing games for years. The games cover almost every platform and genre. Any fresh idea you have, they can bring it to life. 

The games they produce can range from mobile games like Android and IOS to PC games that can run on Windows and Mac. You can even opt for online cloud-based games to console games that can run on systems like Playstation. The number of platforms you can develop games on make Stallion Gaming a must checkout for anyone looking to hire a game developer. The best part is they have created games on almost any platform, so you won't be feeling like a guinea pig when working with them. If you are looking to go big, they can even help you with more difficult genres. The team has the experience and resources to handle anything from massively multiplayer online (MMO) games to real-time strategy games (RTS).  

Often, small game development companies can do you wonders due to their ambitions. The big names you go for were also once small companies. So never look down upon companies like Stallion Gaming, they could be holding significant potential. 


When you want to hire a game developer, you are sure to face many options. Every company has its area which it specializes in. Some can be just a game developing company, whereas others can offer a wide range of services. You might even be just looking to hire a game designer. In this case, an Android game development company may not be all that helpful. So look around, do your research. You might even have to read lots of customer reviews to find the best one. Whatever the case, never rush. Make sure to always meet the developers face to face, and discuss your expectations. You can never know, you might even hire a game developer of your dreams!


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