How to Choose The Right Small Business Accounting Software

Accounting software has immense benefits for small businesses. It helps to simplify the processing and reporting of your financial data, saves costs, creates financial transparency, and makes precise forecasts. Still, in order to benefit from these advantages, you should be able to choose the correct small business accounting software. Certain factors must be taken into account to select the best accounting software for small business of yours. This article will introduce you to those vital factors when choosing small business accounting software. 

Types of Accounting Software

As mentioned above, you can kill not two, but several birds with one stone when using accounting software. Nonetheless, for this, you should be aware of the different types of accounting software. Basically, depending on the size of your business, four types of systems would suit your company best. These are spreadsheets, commercial accounting software, enterprise accounting software, and custom accounting software. As the latter two are mainly employed by large-scale businesses, I will elaborate on the spreadsheets and commercial accounting software below. 


Spreadsheets are arguably the best small business accounting software you can use for your business. Any basic accounting need can be implemented thanks to the spreadsheets. For example, you can categorize expenses, revenues, and other relevant financial data through spreadsheets. The best examples of such software are Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. In short, spreadsheets can be deemed as the best small business accounting software. I recommend you to use spreadsheets, too, as they are relatively simple to use. 

Commercial Accounting Software

The accounting needs of the majority of small and middle-sized businesses can be fulfilled by commercial accounting software. Such programs can be used by any type of business to streamline recording processes. They enable you to create customized functions in order to address the particular requirements of your business. It is worth mentioning that commercial accounting software typically includes graphs to indicate data and reports to display a picture of the condition of your business. Just like spreadsheets, they are pretty useful as small business accounting software programs. 

Key Features Your Small Business Accounting Software Should Have

small business accounting software

I will talk about the significant features that any small business accounting software should possess. Yet, it does not mean that you will need all the features that I will classify below. Depending on your operational needs, several of them may not be necessary for you. So, check them out, and decide which ones your accounting system must-have. 


The bread and butter of the best accounting software for small business of yours is accounting. In fact, this is what you have to consider first, too, when selecting an accounting system. The main aspects of this feature are account payables, account receivables, general ledger, etc. 

Fixed Asset Management

Fixed asset management assists you in managing your financial data more accurately. It is highly advisable for you to have this feature regardless of whether it is separate or attached to the tool. Indeed, that is the reason you will find this feature in many accounting software programs. The aspects such as audit history, depreciation assets, and more are available within this feature. 

Payroll Management

With the help of this feature, calculating the wages of your employees will be a piece of cake. Also, there will be no delay in preparing checks for your employees. On top of that, you will enjoy responding to all tax-related and legal commitments with no error. Surely, you can use separate software for your payroll management system. Nevertheless, many of the accounting software feature this characteristic, as well. So, you will not need to pay for an extra payroll system when using the best accounting software for small businesses. 

Budgeting and Forecasting

The next prevalent feature available in most accounting software programs is budgeting and forecasting. It will assist you significantly in understanding the performance of your business for the previous year. Likewise, you will be able to determine a budget for the upcoming year with the help of this feature. One of the best sides of this characteristic is you can set attainable sales targets. In a nutshell, ensure you have this feature when you get a small business accounting software

Billing and Invoicing

That is the last important feature your small business accounting software should have. Besides allowing clients to make payments in multiple ways, this feature will enable you to prepare timely and precise invoices. 

How to Choose Your Small Business Accounting Software

small business accounting software

Now you are aware of the must-have features of accounting software. Yet there are some other aspects that you should pay attention to when selecting the correct system for your business. 

Easy to Use

Accounting procedures are not simple. There will be a lot of reports, calculations, etc. that you will have to make. Amidst all these, you cannot use a tool that is designed to make people frustrated. The data you need should always be easily accessible. The functions have to be attainable on a single dashboard. In short, the best accounting software for small business must be easy to use. So, consider this factor when getting the software. 

Bulletproof Security

Security is one of the most critical nuances you should consider when getting accounting software. In the small business accounting software, you will handle very sensitive data such as your customers’ personal information and bank details. During data entry, it is vital to have impassable security for your system. Most accounting software companies will usually market their products over security features, too. Still, I advise you to check the security system of your tool before making a purchase. 

Integrated Invoicing

Check out if the accounting system you are planning to get has an invoicing module built in it. It is one of the features that will make your software a complete tool. More importantly, possessing this component as a part of your software will not create a need to get an additional program for billing. 


Customization is an essential factor to consider when getting an accounting software for your small firm. Usually, no software will be a perfect fit for your business. So, you should try to buy something that will be the most suitable for your company. Unless you find such a tool, make sure to get something that is easily customizable. That will allow you to customize the software according to your requirements. 


Another highly-critical factor to look at while purchasing accounting software is pricing. It is crystal clear that more advanced software with complex features will cost more money. Most probably, you will not need such a complicated tool. Therefore, you better go for a system that provides only the essential features you need, so you can save money.


As you can see, there are lots of factors to check when getting accounting software. Irrespective of the size of your business, getting a tool with the essential accounting features will assist you a lot. Now that you are aware of the small business accounting software basics, you can look for your software in Gygzy and compare them to each other. You can also check out other articles on our page for more related information. 

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