Key Takeaways from eCommerce Website Development Process

Over time it is clear that the number of people who prefer online shopping is drastically increasing. There are several reasons that led us to this conclusion and shaped the overall business platform. Today, it is hard to stay relevant by only using physical stores for business people. So, there is a need for web platforms. For those of you who wonder how they can build their online store, this guide will be useful in shaping your view regarding the eCommerce website development. Before that, let’s briefly get into why people prefer online shopping and how it can benefit you as an owner of that platform?

Shopping online instead of physical, is both a convenient and effective method for customers. They can see a wide range of products in thousands of websites, and they have freedom of choice when it comes to choosing between any of them. Customers can compare the price, look for other colorways of the product, and simply order it while they are sitting on the couch at their house. These are just a handful of examples of why online shopping is preferable. On the other side of the coin, it is an excellent solution for entrepreneurs too. If you have a physical store, it is recommended to start a web platform, too, as it will help you to reach a global audience and also get a chance to sell more products and get higher profit.

Ecommerce Website Development Process: Where to Start?

It is no secret that the eCommerce website development process is a hard task to complete. Though, do not worry because you have plenty of options regarding the matter. If you have a legitimate plan and want to succeed while realizing that, you need to know where to start. The good news is that Gygzy can help you throughout that process and guide you on several development paths. With the right knowledge of e-commerce platforms and a little bit of help from our development team, it will be much easier for you to realize your goals in having a fabulous online store in no time.

If you do not have any clue regarding the relevant e-commerce platforms that you can choose for your site, lets briefly discuss those and show you the possibilities.

Which eCommerce platform is suitable for you?ecommerce website development

There are tons of eCommerce website development tools on the web that you can select from. Some of those tools have very high prices, while others may seem affordable. You can utilize any of those tools to create a brand new e-commerce site, and an eCommerce developer can also help you to complete all the necessary steps going forward effectively. The advantage of eCommerce website development services from reliable providers is that, you are skipping this phase and all the procedures regarding that. Though, let’s say that you insist on building the website by your self, which platform to choose?


Shopify is the most popular platform that you can encounter. There are unlimited features that this platform offers. By employing those features, it is a possibility that you can create a scalable eCommerce website. Through Shopify, you will manage to sell your products on major social platforms. For example, the list includes Amazon, Facebook, and many others.


You probably came across the pop-up ads of this platform while scrolling on YouTube. Wix is an excellent platform that can help you to handle various web development options and procedures along the way. The main advantage of employing this platform is custom templates. If you indent to build an eCommerce website and sell segment products regarding sports, beauty, fashion, you can select the theme of your choice with the related template from Wix. The user interface of the site that you are going to build on Wix is engaging, and there are other advantages such as video editor, adding video promos of the product, and more through this platform.


Big Commerce is another platform that you can utilize in the eCommerce web development process. The essential characteristic of this platform is the availability of great SEO tools that can help you to manage your digital marketing plan and get more reaches across the web.

These are the popular platforms that you can easily access and use while starting your business. As we mentioned before, it is highly recommended to work with an eCommerce web designer or with companies that offer eCommerce website development services to get the best possible result. The professionals at those companies can guide you on several issues and build your website in a way that it portrays both brand identity and has excellent usability on the customer side.

Testing the tool

The testing phase is critical because it can show you how the tool is operating. It is better to test them before you commit and start working. All you need to do is signing up for the platform and start searching for availabilities and exploring the options. If you are still unsure about what you need to assess, let’s briefly list them. First of all, keep in mind that customization is essential for the future of your business. While scrolling down the available options, look at how easy it is to customize the system and modify it according to your needs.

The next step is the quality assurance of the templates and themes. You need to see whether or not the eCommerce platform has enough templates to meet your needs or if they have, ask yourself a question like will these themes display my intention regarding the business model, etc. The last thing that you can check is the navigation. See whether or not it is easy to navigate through those templates, explore the options and decide and learn whether or not it would be possible for you to add sub-menus and all that kind of stuff after purchasing the platform.

Another way is building a trial e-commerce website and using all those available metrics to see their effectiveness and assess functions.

Ecommerce Website Development Plan

ecommerce website development

Once you decide on the matters mentioned above, the next step for you to take is project management. Per your organizational needs and scope of your project, you need to develop an eCommerce website plan that can include all the necessary attributes in order. You can contact an eCommerce web developer or buy/subscribe to one of those available platforms. There are tons of ready plans on the web. Though those development plans are not so effective for you to take and succeed. So, to run a successful eCommerce website, you need to have a variety of options regarding the features and functionalities. That is why dig deeper until you can find a legitimate one.

Registering for a Domain Name

This is a crucial step for you to take, and there are some aspects that you need to be aware of before starting. What is the domain? The domain is the part of the URL that has the name of your brand. Domains are essential because they build trust between retailers and customers. How to decide on which domain name can be beneficial?

These are the aspects that you need to focus on:

Country Code:

If you intend to sell your product globally, then the best choice for you is .com. Though if you want to get into the specific market, it is better to use their country code in your domain. For example, Amazon dot com is a worldwide dropshipping site that you can access from anywhere in the world. Though, for India, Amazon has a domain name of Amazon dot in.

Brand Names

Brand names are not recommended for you to use in the domain name area because it can lead to serious legal problems in the future.


The uniqueness of the domain and your brand’s name is very crucial for success. Customers need to access that brand through the SERP, so do not make it too complicated but add unique flavors regarding your brand’s identity.


Adding a keyword to the domain name is a great digital marketing tactic that you can utilize. The related keyword in the domain name will ensure that you rank higher in Google result pages. It will ultimately lead to more reaches, traffic, and sales.

For those of you who have already gotten a domain name, they can just cancel it or link it to their current eCommerce website. 

Picking the Template

In the eCommerce development process of your website, this is another crucial step that can shape the future of your online store. Ecommerce developer can help you in this process and suggest the best themes that can go along with your eCommerce plan. To choose the right template, you need to focus on several aspects. The first one is about features that you want to see in your online store. It is better to brainstorm with your team and then let the developer know which aspects you want to see in your store, which features are more important, and so on. 

You can decide on putting sliders, single images, or the video clips on your homepage. After doing that, developers will change the template and shape it as you wish. Navigation is the second thing that you need to focus on. If your website does not have a smooth navigation, the customers will probably leave after entering the site without even checking the product. That is why you need to ask developers to make it simple and helpful. After all these procedures, you can customize the template and change text colors, use additional images, change text size font, etc.

Adding Products in eCommerce website development process

ecommerce website development

Once you have done all the necessary things regarding the domain name and customization, the next step in the development process is about products. To make the product more alluring for the customers, you need to take several measures and write down essentials such as:

  • Name and brand (if they have one) of the product
  • Price
  • Category of the item
  • Weight/height and all those measures
  • File (if you are selling eBooks or something like that)

Besides these aspects, you need to consider the importance of product descriptions. Legit product description needs to be

  • Short with engaging sentences
  • Do not contain any jargons or technical cliques
  • Should be SEO optimized for SERP results
  • What about the images?
  • The product image should be high quality
  • The sizes of all the added products should be the same
  • The item should be visible from all angles. Nowadays most marketers use 360-degree photos to ensure that customers can view the product effortlessly
  • Website speed is crucial for your online store. That is why try to use only optimized images to avoid slowing down the product pages for users.


Categories can vary, and you can put filters so that users would quickly search for the goods based on their price, size, etc.

Payment methods

Payment gateways are another essential for every online store. Thus, you need to consider this step in the eCommerce website development process. You can connect users directly to payment methods such as master, credit/debit cards, Google pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, and more. You can add the pay on delivery option so that customers can utilize it.

Shipping Settings

The next crucial step in the eCommerce web development process is about shipping settings so that you can deliver your products to the respective customers.

  • What are the key details that you need to remember?
  • You need to include the address of shipping origin
  • You need to add the zones to where you want to ship the products

As we know, shipping rates and taxes vary from zone to zone. So, you need to calculate the taxes for a specific zone and add that amount to shipping rate accordingly

How to ship products to various zones?

The first option is the free shipping. For those who have a business that sells luxury products, it will be affordable to use this method. Besides that, if you are not selling luxury goods, you can make a certain value, and if customers exceeded that value, then you can offer them free shipping services.

Flat Rate

The flat rate is charging the same amount for every product. It is considered to be one of the most effective marketing tactics. In the eCommerce website development process, you can consider employing this method as well.

Real-time Price

The real-time price means charging the products according to their weights, size, and so on.

Pickup by customers

You can also use this method and ask customers if they could take the product from your land-based store. 

Settings for your online store

You need to prioritize some aspects to make your online store run smoothly, and for that eCommerce website development process should be taken seriously.

Settings need to include

  • The language: You need to choose the language that customers will see whenever they enter your website
  • The Currency: You need to adjust the currency measure so that users from the zones that you previously selected can see the product price in their currency. There is special invoicing software that can help you to do that easily by just downloading the plugin.
  • Address: You need to mention the correct contact information and address of your main office
  • Product setting: You need to decide which features or functions users can see while they click on the desirable product. 

Testing and publishing

ecommerce website development

It is the last phase of the eCommerce website development process. In this stage, you need to check each section and make sure that everything runs perfectly before publishing it. You need to ensure that

  • All payment methods are working according to orders
  • Price, Category and shipping charges are all there and visible to users
  • Coupons and discharge codes
  • Check whether or not refund policy for products works

To complete this process successfully, you can choose a product, purchase it, and when it comes, refunding it.

Besides those, you need to check the functionality of the site and see if there are any errors in the eCommerce website development of your online store. The functionality may include the content, UR/UX of the webpages, Mobile optimization of the site, and more.

Final Thoughts

The eCommerce website development process takes resources, time, and energy to get satisfying results. Using the considerations that are mentioned above, you can easily create your online store with a little bit of help from web developers. At the first stage, you need to gather with your team and discuss any plans and possibilities regarding the site. Then you can start working with the development team and design your online store. Keep in mind that every great website, whether it is eCommerce or not, begins with excellent planning. It is essential to know your primary goals and expectations regarding the business and then start working on those goals to get a perfect result. 



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