Mobile App Development Company: How to choose the best?

Mobile app development might seem hard to understand for some people. It is relatively new, and it has great future prospects. However, it requires a lot of coding knowledge that only experts can master. Almost every company, no matter the industry, offers mobile app services or has a mobile-friendly website. It is a smart choice to do so because smartphones are a must nowadays. Research shows that 90% of the time we spend on our phones, passes by using apps. Also, people prefer using apps more than mobile websites. So, if you ever had a mobile app idea, it's time to look for a mobile app development company that provides these services. Building a dedicated team of experts around your brand is the way to go. Let's delve into what mobile app development really means and how to choose the best provider for your company. 


Mobile App Development Facts 

Mobile App Development Company

If you are not sure whether your company needs a mobile app or not, let's check out some facts. First of all, everyone has a smartphone nowadays. On average, people have around 30 mobile apps installed on their phones and use them approximately 35 hours per month. Mobile apps account for more than half of the time spent on social media platforms and digital media in general. People use these apps to order food, organize their schedules, play games, and to find many other services. Because of these facts, most companies choose to create their own mobile apps. For a lot of notorious companies, 42% of all mobile sales happen through mobile apps. To translate this in numbers, this type of sales reaches around 60$ billion dollars annually. 

Second of all, mobile apps are available for every platform out there. Whether we are talking about Android or iOS, mobile app software fits all. It also suits tablets, so you'll reach more people compared to sticking to a regular website. More than 74% of the developers use systems available for both platforms, but research shows that iOS is more popular. However, iOS is more expensive, so 70% of the world's smartphones operate on Android.

Third of all, you should consider an advertisement plan for your mobile app. Advertising is the most used form of revenue when it comes to mobile apps. In-app purchases and ads make about 70% of the total annual earnings. Therefore, the mobile app development company you'll opt for should offer these services as well. 


Personal Mobile App Objectives

If you're thinking about purchasing mobile app development services, it means that you already have some ideas in mind. However, being creative is not enough. Mobile apps serve business purposes, so they need to generate money. To ease this process, you can ask yourself several questions regarding your company. What are your expectations from the mobile app, and how does it fit your mobile digital marketing plan? What is your budget? These are just a couple of examples, but we'll put you through the rest. 

First of all, you have to think about your clients. What kind of people do you address to, therefore who is your audience? Once you figured it out, you can map out the mobile app according to the age segment. If you are targeting people from 21 to 36 years old, you should think about a fast and easy to use mobile app.

Also, web design is a crucial part when it comes to your audience. The layout needs to fit the client's interests and lifestyle. If we are taking the same age segment as an example, you should use a clean geometrical theme with vibrant colors. Also, you should put yourself into a customer's shoes. How do you want the users to use your mobile app? You should think about an optimal way of browsing and focus on it. The language and framework features are also very important and they connect to the targeted audience. If you find this too much to handle, find a mobile app development company to help you. 

Figuring these matters will make your job easier. Also, if you choose to work with mobile app expert developers, this plan will fasten the process. Including your creative ideas into your marketing plan and combining it with a bit of research can do wonders for your business.


Mobile App Goals

goals and targets

Once you figured out how to market and promote the app, and your mobile app is ready to launch, you should establish some goals. A good starting point for this is checking the competition. See if your competitors offer mobile apps and check their layout. Figure out which services they are focusing on and how they promote them. After doing so, you should think about your app's core appeal. Determine the main features and benefits reporting to your budget and in-house capabilities. 

Also, you should map the mobile app's features and what they should include. Research shows that customer engagement wins over exclusive services, so you should draw your attention to that. Therefore, you should emphasize the company's contact details, the blog section, and invest in ads and promotions. 

Second of all, your mobile app should focus on your services but reported to a mobile marketing plan. So, what problems will your app solve for your customers? How fast can they get to their desired product or objective? Thinking if you should introduce a technical support line to the mobile app is also a good idea. As we mentioned earlier, customer engagement is the key to successful mobile apps. Your customers should browse easily and understand the full app concept. They should purchase products and services without any problems and receive immediate help if needed. 


Preparing for the mobile app launch 

You tested the app over and over again, and now you are ready to launch it. When it comes to launching, you should emphasize marketing and why not, get some expert help. For example, a professional mobile app development company can help you with keyword research, a vital process of SEO service and app store optimization. These features help your mobile app to get noticed and be more visible. The more you focus on SEO and ASO, the more discoverability you'll have as a company. Market research will guide you when it comes to titles, blog posts, and service descriptions. 

Once everything is ready, plan out the mobile app preview that will show on app stores and market places. Consider taking high-quality screenshots that reflect the essentials of your company. Besides, you can add a short video that shows a bit of the app and how easy it is to browse it. Also, don't forget about promoting the mobile app before its launching. At this point, you should invest more in ads so you can reach more people and raise more awareness. However, if you collaborate with a mobile app development company, they will handle everything for you. 


Mobile App Development Company Final Guidelines

develop an app

In conclusion, the process is not hard at all if you have some goals, objectives and of course, the best mobile app development company on your side. You need to research the market and figure out which people you are targeting. Building a mobile app by yourself is a challenging task, that's why you should call in the professionals. If you didn't decide on one software development company, then we recommend you try Gygzy. This searching engine focuses on finding the best service providers and developers in your area. All you need to do is type what you're looking for, and Gygzy will do the rest. Select your favorites, compare them, and read other's people's opinions and reviews. Other businesses trust Gygzy; it is time you do it too! 

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