The Best POS Systems for Small Businesses in 2021

2019 has been an interesting year for small business. A study conducted by Guidantfinancial indicated that close to 38% of emerging businesses were innovation-driven, i.e., businesses with less than ten employees. A huge chunk of these numbers involved start-up retailers. Small businesses trying to compete in their respective marketplaces and increasingly looking for easy, quick-fix best POS system solutions don't go over budget. 

POS for small businesses has emerged as an excellent solution, in addition to accepting payments and helping with the overall managerial side of things. The best POS systems are equipped with several features that throw superior management and convenience into the mix. This article aims to cover the best POS system and software providers that can lead to help.

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Lightspeed Retail is one of the best small business POS for small businesses that have extensive inventories. You can use this software on desktop computers, laptops, and tablets.

Cost of Lightspeed

The core of the Lightspeed POS for small business price starts at ninety-nine dollars. It can be a little bit more expensive than most systems, though there are special discounts for small businesses that operate in multiple stores. Add- on are offered in limited to an eCommerce Development plan and the loyalty feature. Each of these service fees starts from fifty-nine dollars. Small business owners can sign up for a fourteen-day free trial and see if they like to use Lightspeed or not.

  • iPad hardware kit (cash drawer stand, Bluetooth scanner, receipt paper, printer): six hundred ninety-nine dollars
  • Point-of-sale app (monthly): Ninety-nine dollars
  • Processing fees: two point six percent plus ten cents per transaction; volume discounts available


Lightspeed Retail offers one of the best inventory systems among top POS systems for small businesses. You can add the needed items to the inventory; tag them with searchable terms that can help you to access those items quickly. Descriptions can be filtered and help owners to isolate specific elements for their size, color, or material. Whenever you run out of stock, you can look at vendor catalogs that Lightspeed offers and get whatever you need.


The best POS system needs to have legit reporting tools so that owners can see their progression. Lightspeed Retail helps you with customer history, end of the day reports sales history. You can also find and analyze staff performance, which Lightspeed POS reports at the end of each working day. The software digs deep into the system and analyzes reports. Using this tool, you can focus on your business's lacking aspects.

Square POS

best pos system

Square POS software is one of the greatest retail POS software providers in the market. The company helps small businesses to utilize their job. It is free, and small business owners can access it immediately. There are no start-up fees for this software, and it is one of the best features of the system. As you may probably know, the budget for small businesses is limited; that is why it is better to find free systems that can help them.

Cost of Square POS

As we mentioned earlier, Square is free of charge software, which means that there is no monthly fee that small business owners will have to pay to use this system's fantastic features. There is a built-in payment processor that is special to this software. It is slightly more expensive than other payment processors such as Shopify and PayPal, though it works perfectly.

Special features are free, and some require less money than the standard. Small business owners can purchase all the features they need and skip the ones they would not use. If they decide to use Square's best POS system, business owners can accept offline payments. This feature is significant because it eliminates the issues you may face when the internet connection is down.

Exact prizes

  • Point-of-sale app: Free
  • Square Reader: Free
  • Processing fee (, chip, contactless)*: two-point seventy-five percent
  • Square Terminal (all payments, receipt printer): three hundred thirty dollars
  • Square Register (all payments, two screens): nine hundred ninety-nine dollars
  • Keyed-in payment fee: Three-point five percent plus fifteen cents per transaction
  • Square Reader (chip): thirty-five dollars
  • Square Reader (chip and contactless): forty-nine dollars

Features of Square POS

If you consider that the software is free, all the features you can get are better than most other POS systems. You can manage staff workers, get reports on sales, control payroll, create gift cards, manage customer profiles for better CRM services, and more.

Inventory Management Square POS

Small business owners can add items to their Square point of sale software one at a time, or they can import all the needed products in one fell swoop with the help of a CSV spreadsheet. You can access your inventory from any IOS based device because Square software is a cloud-based platform.

As long as you have an internet connection, it would not be an issue to get and manage your inventory. Square is the best POS System because of these features that make your job a lot easier. Small business owners will get stock alerts that are automatically sent to the email addresses, so; they would know when the stock is low and act accordingly.

CRM Features Square POS

As you may already know, customers are the heart of the business, so customer relationship is the area that needs to be focused on when you run a small business company. Square POS allows owners to add customer info with CSV spreadsheet imports one by one to the system. After every purchase, you can automatically add the customer information to the server with the Square app's help. Business owners can collect contact information, which they can use later for vend offers and customizable customer management programs.

Employee Management Square POS Software

employee management

Free staff management tools can help you utilize daily tasks and manage your staff. Your staff members can issue a refund and ring up a sale using this software. More advanced features can be obtained by getting an add-on feature from Square. It is an excellent software that you can use in both restaurants and coffee shops in terms of your small business type. 

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Toast- Best POS System for Restaurants

Toast is one of the best POS for small business that specifies restaurants' needs and is designed to serve them well. The pricing of the software starts at seventy-nine dollars. Installation of all the features can add to your cost and increase this software’s price by around five hundred dollars. Add-on features of top POS systems for small businesses are always lower than other elements. It is the same for Toast software because the price starts from twenty-five dollars.


Toast POS provides one of the best reporting tools for restaurant management. Labour and sales reports by this point of sale system run reports on total guest numbers, tips, table turn times for customers, and more. If you want to know how many covers your employee served today, go on and get Toast Software. It is one of the best small business POS.

Menu Management

Any restaurant needs this feature to operate smoothly. Using Toast Menu project management software, you can create various categories regarding meals such as lunch, breakfast, and dinner. There is a subcategory feature of the best POS system that helps owners utilize small categories such as salads, appetizers, etc. According to the cost of the recipe you can get from the inventory tool, it will be easier for the owner to give separate meals. It is one of the best POS for small businesses.


If you are an owner of a small business and do not know the best POS system that can help you manage your business, do not worry. This list should sufficiently inform you in your search for the best POS system. Before you decide to choose one, we advise you to compare them to see if it fits your business platform. Once you’re ready, do not hesitate to try that POS Software out.


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