The Ultimate Guide to SEO Copywriting for Affiliate Marketing

In terms of generating buzz and customer interest, very few marketing strategies can compete with affiliate marketing. According to published data, affiliate marketing earnings account for 15% of all digital media revenue, while spending is projected to grow by 10% in 2021. 

Whether you represent an eCommerce platform or operate your own online storefront, affiliate marketing can indeed help generate relevant leads for your company. However, you will have to one-up your competitors and take full advantage of global SEO trends to do so effectively. With that, let’s explore the pros of SEO copywriting for affiliate marketing, how you can use it, and which pitfalls to avoid while doing so.


Advantages of Introducing SEO Copywriting into Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing all about? It’s a process of affiliating yourself with a brand to promote their products/services for a commission or percentage of their earnings. Typically, affiliate marketing contracts are formed between brands and micro and macro-influencers, such as social media personalities or other smaller storefronts. 

Depending on where you find yourself in the equation, you stand to gain a lot from using SEO trends in the copywriting content you create. Reaching out to some of the best SEO companies out there can put you in a direct advantage over your competitors on short notice. Optimization processes such as content audit, keyword research, and even copywriting itself can be outsourced if you are short on time or need professional assistance. 

The more customers you attract to your affiliate products, the more revenue you will generate for yourself and your contractor. Thus, some of the most tangible advantages you can look forward to from introducing SEO into your affiliate marketing copywriting are:

  • Improved balance of organic writing and SEO keywords
  • The streamlined and organized copywriting process
  • Better ranking on global search engines
  • Introduce SEO into Meta tags and Alt-text for multimedia
  • Higher lead generation and subsequent conversion rates


SEO Copywriting Tips for Affiliate Marketing Content

Research Trending Keywords Periodically

Trends in SEO tend to change depending on which keywords and phrases are popular at any given moment. This is why periodic research of trending keywords is extremely important if you want your copywriting to be seen by as many people as possible. 

keywords in copywriting

You can refer to Keyword Planner as a go-to tool for reliable information on which words you should implement into your copywriting. Google is one of the trendsetters of SEO, and its information is a good indication of what you should do with your affiliate marketing content.


Write the Copy First, Optimize It Later

The mistake commonly associated with SEO copywriting is that content creators often begin their work by writing down the keywords they discovered as trending. However, context matters in affiliate marketing, and your customer base will quickly discern whether your copywriting is original or filled with spam keywords. 

Avoid risking your professional reputation and customer trust by writing the copy for affiliate marketing freely before introducing any technical keywords. This will ensure that your initial message and creative spark remain untouched, while you will also be able to introduce SEO elements soon thereafter.


Mix Up your Content Types

Copywriting comes in different forms depending on the channels you use to get in touch with your customer base. As such, you shouldn’t limit yourself to one content type and fail to realize the potential written words can deliver to your storefront. Some of the content types you should consider exploring for affiliate marketing are:

  • Blog posts (articles, guides, opinion pieces, etc.)
  • Email content (personalized emails, promotional emails)
  • Social media posts (short updates, polls, announcements)
  • Downloadable PDFs (statistical reports, free tutorials, eBooks)

You can easily introduce sales-oriented copywriting into any of these content types while also following trending SEO guidelines by using keywords popular in your niche. Mix up your copywriting to keep things fresh, and your audience will undoubtedly respond well to your efforts.


Format your Copy for Skimming

Given the amount of digital information we are exposed to daily, most customers will likely skim over your copywriting and look for the most relevant data. You can use this to your advantage by formatting your copy to allow for skimming and enable your customer base to read at their pace. 

Based on published data, 73% of people openly admit to skimming content online, even though 70% of companies continue to invest in content marketing innovation. Meet your customers’ expectations and use formatting elements such as bullet points, short paragraphs, and numbered lists to make the reading experience faster and easier.


Don’t Neglect Multimedia Optimization.

affiliate marketing

Even though it doesn’t relate to content writing directly, your multimedia can still add to the SEO copywriting effort through its alt-text content. Accessibility is an important factor when it comes to SEO, so allowing users with a poor internet connection or disabilities to enjoy your content matters. 

Write alt-text content for your images and transcribe video and audio content or add captions to increase the content’s appeal to customers. You can go a step further and translate your alt-text into different languages to make the affiliate marketing content available to an international audience. While multimedia does add a lot to your copywriting in itself, optimizing it will significantly boost your odds at generating relevant leads in 2021.


Add Value through Embedded Hyperlinks

Finally, you can interlink your copywriting throughout the website by introducing relevant hyperlinks to each piece of affiliate marketing content you write. External links in the form of trustworthy industry publications or platforms such as Forbes and Medium can add a lot of gravitas to your statements. 

Likewise, internal content in the form of blog posts, product pages, and other copywriting under your name will keep the customers entertained for longer. A good balance of internal and external links will give customers an impression of confidence and professionalism from you at the very small extra effort.


SEO Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid

Now that we’ve discussed how you can take full advantage of SEO copywriting in your affiliate marketing content, let’s cover what not to do. Remember, you should always keep writing platforms such as Wow GradeGrammarly, as well as Supreme Dissertations, and Evernote handy during your copywriting and editing.

It’s easy for your good intentions to backfire and cause the SEO ranking of your content to drop as a result of misunderstanding or misjudgment. Thus, make sure to avoid or amend these errors in your affiliate marketing content to maximize its performance going forward:

  • Copywriting for search engines instead of actual customers
  • Too much emphasis on sales and FOMO (Fear of missing out)
  • High reliance on abbreviations and difficult-to-understand niche terminology
  • Poor keyword selection and overreliance on stuffing and spam
  • Lack of internal/external link-building
  • Broken links and poor content update habits
  • Lack of clear calls to action (CTA) for readers
  • Poor content formatting and lack of clear headings/subheadings


Playing the Long Game (Conclusion)

Creating your own SEO copywriting strategy for affiliate marketing is a tall order, especially if you have no prior experience with content creation. However, you can use these guidelines as a baseline for your copywriting efforts and grow your strategy from there. 

Optimizing your content for SEO is not just about stuffing it full of keywords and calling it a day. Today’s SEO is far more delicate and takes accessibility and context into much greater consideration than before, making original copywriting very welcome. Be true to your ideals, and the right customers will identify with your copywriting, thus contributing to your affiliate marketing strategy in 2021.


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