Top 25 Blockchain Companies You Should Consider in 2021

Blockchain is now becoming a positive disruptor in numerous industries in the world. There are substantial advantages in the blockchain technology that the tech giant IBM is spending over $200 million in research. That’s why blockchain companies are highly recommendable nowadays. 


Let's take an example. 90% of the U.S. banks, including the European, are researching various options in the blockchain, according to CCN. Blockchain technology can transform finance, government, insurance, and many fields in multiple industries. 

In this article, we have outlined the top blockchain companies that can give your business a competitive edge in the blockchain industry. Searching for the best blockchain technology companies is not difficult. What makes it tough is finding the right, efficient, and reputable blockchain company that can help your business grow. 

Hence, it's essential to distinguish and separate the chaff from the wheat. And that's what this article aims to do. We have gathered a list of 25 blockchain companies that can make positive advancements in 2020. 

We developed this list after a comprehensive performance analysis, including their reputation, processing time, and other critical factors. Let’s go through the blockchain technology companies and select the one that fits your business development plan. 

Let’s dive right in. 

25 Best Blockchain Companies You Need To Look Out For 

  1. ConsenSys 

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Joseph Lubin established ConsenSys in 2014. A blockchain company such as Consensys creates enterprise blockchain applications for ethereum that are both effective and highly secured. They have a highly skilled team that produces tools for developers and are mainly into ethereum blockchain technology. 

Consensys has invested in numerous blockchain startups to help them grow their business. They also provide online and one-on-one blockchain education and consultation.  They've also improved and launched enterprise solutions for ethereum that help companies, governments and NGOs optimize workflows, safe infrastructure, and open unique business models that rely on blockchain. 

  1. LeewayHertz 

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LeewayHertz was established in 2007, and it's one of the blockchain companies that offer services in all-round blockchain development for different corporations. They have also created custom-made blockchain solutions for their clients, such as, public blockchain, dApps, smart contracts, etc.

With 13 years of experience, LeewayHertz has created a system to assist its clients in choosing the perfect blockchain platform, such as Ethereum, EOS, etc. for their businesses. 

  1. Hashcash Technologies 

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Hashcash Technologies is a worldwide software company founded in Palo Alto, California. They help businesses resolve payments and transfer their assets across countries using blockchain technology. 

What makes it part of the top blockchain technology companies is that they can transfer your assets in real-time. They are also into PayBito, BillBitcoins, and many more. They have been able to push the advancement of technology via blockchain101 programs. 

Hashcash Technologies provides solutions in, big analysis data, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and blockchain integrated into its services. According to their track record, they can handle difficult challenges through the execution of innovative strategies in digital transformation all over the world. 

  1. SoluLab 

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If you’re searching for one of the reputable blockchain companies in the U.S., SoluLab is the right choice. They are well-versed in web and mobile development, capable of meeting your desired business goals.

The company offers all-round services to startups and businesses. They have a professional team that looks out for the latest trends in technology and innovations in the market. That way, they can provide the best and competitive solutions to their clients worldwide. 

As an award-winning software development company, they've worked on projects like Chatbot, blockchain, IoT, Cloud, Artificial Intelligent, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, machine learning, and many others. SoluLab has worked with numerous big corporations such as Citrix, Goldman Sachs, Walt Disney, etc. 

  1. Eleks 



Eleks is part of the Top 100 Global Outsourcing companies that assist corporations to enhance their value via innovations. They have over 1,500 professionals found throughout the U.S., Europe, and Canada, helping customers with a wide range of software services. 

Some of the software services include product design, R&D, maintenance services, quality assurance, etc. They’ve helped numerous corporations with finance, retail, logistics, etc. 

Throughout the years, Eleks have worked with many clients to create a cooperation system to create a transparent and seamless software delivery process. With Eleks, you'll be able to save to a maximum of 30% of your development cost, acquire services and products to market at a faster pace, enhance efficiency, and adjust the business model to increase your revenue. 

  1. Idealogic 



Ideologic is a software development company with in-depth experience in product design, QA assurance, and customized software development. They also post-launch assistance in logistics, fintech, and many others. 

The company also focuses on building a collaboration with startup companies and entrepreneurs focused on developing their ideas in a unique way and with a cost-effective budget. They are located in Ukraine and the United States, and have numerous professional experts who keep up with the latest trends to give you the best services. 

When you work with Ideologic, they will divide the process of development into two phases. That is, product design and development steps. The two phases will help you get a clearer understanding of your goals, needs, and expertise. 

  1. Alpha Point 

Alpha Point


As one of the blockchain technology companies, Alpha point offers a wide variety of stakeholders in the capital market. The company is located in the United States, and since its establishment, they've helped numerous corporations and start-ups implement their blockchain strategies. 

If you’re searching for the blockchain company that provides quality strategies to boost your business, Alpha Point can help.  

  1. Adoriasoft 



Adoriasoft consists of professional experts that concentrate on blockchain technologies. The firm develops software products for medium-sized companies and start-ups. They develop the software from the ground up from the perspective of the end-user. As such, they can create highly operational products for their clients. 

The company also keeps up with current technological trends and sturdy monitoring of the product market. That way, they can develop hi-tech software that's useful to their clients. With in-depth knowledge of cryptography and information security, they can use them to create secured and complicated software solutions from scratch. 

  1. Block Cypher 

Block Cypher


Block Cypher is one of the blockchain companies located in California that provides blockchain technology. They have an architecture that helps in performing several data stations for low latency and redundancy. The simple APIs can help the team to create blockchain applications faster and more confidently. 

The firm's cloud-optimized and regulatable architecture are rated for high performance, scalability, and dependability. They maintain numerous circulated databases that hold all the data for transactions for every blockchain. 

Block Cypher hosts entire node blockchains to ensure that the security is of a higher standard for verifying and transferring transactions. They are a good record of building blockchain applications that can help your business succeed. 

  1. Parangat Technologies 

Parangat Technologies


Parangat technologies is a rapidly growing mobile app development company founded in 2010. The firm is run by a professional technical team pushing new technological breakthroughs. The company's approach to projects is process-oriented, which decreases risks and time for execution. 

The firm is well-versed in business strategies that adhere to the client's business priorities, instead of just offering technological solutions. They have a reputation in blockchain application development, IoT software, and AI services. 

Parangat provides numerous programs that are ideal for business leaders to acquire in-depth experience and improve their skills. As one of the award-winning mobile app development companies, it's one of the best blockchain companies you can work with. 

  1. AGILE Infoways 

AGILE Infoways


AGILE Infoways is a development outsourcing IT agency established in 2006. The company performs well in the IT fraternity. AGILE has a substantial presence in Canada, India, and the United States, and is committed to becoming one of the best blockchain companies. 


According to AGILE Infoways, consistency and timeliness are their central area for developing high-quality work. It helps customers to come up with unique ideas to the market. The company focuses on the requirements of its clients to create the right innovative and reliable products. 

  1. Prolitus 



Prolitus began in 2005, intending to become a company that uses advanced technology to advance market development. Hence, giving customers more sustainability. To attain this specific aim, Prolitus invests much in creativity and passion. With the implementation of digital transformation, external environment, and internal methodologies, the company can create and implement unique ideas for market growth. 

The firm has more than 200 creative and skilled technical experts committed to providing innovative solutions and technologies to enhance its client's business performance. They can identify issues with your business model and offer strategic solutions to help you solve the problem. 

Prolitus is one of the largest suppliers of blockchain and crypto solutions in the world. And they have a 100% reputable record of expanding business profitability and maximizing business processes. They also have expertise in retail, manufacturing, education, BFSI, government, and healthcare. 

  1.  IT Svit 


IT Svit was established in 2005, and it's made up of experienced professionals located in New York, United States. They stand out in tackling various business challenges, providing all-round support and services from DevOps solutions and full-scope software creation to big data analysis. 

There are a growing number of start-ups and medium-sized businesses that need software development services. They are also in need of cloud infrastructure functionality from a dependable service provider. 

IT Svit has years of cloud consulting experience, such as AWS, GCP, Azure, and many more. They also create, implement, and maintain systems such as automated deployments, load balancing, backup and restore, cloud-based network, monitoring, etc. 

  1. Espeo Software 

Espeo Software


For the past ten years, Espeo Software has been making headway in developing excellent mobile and web products tailored to the global market. They’ve been excellent in boosting their customer’s growth. They have highly skilled teams that are always ready to meet their customer’s technological and business needs. 

Espeo Software's design method brings in quick results that can be adequately measured, making the entire work process short and straightforward. They only make use of certified technologies that enhance trust and high-traffic solutions. The company has in-depth experience in Java, PHP, Javascript, and blockchain development. 

They exceed in surpassing the expectations of their clients. When you work with them, you'll have excellent communication, efficiency, and craftsmanship. According to Espeo Software, they are highly transparent in their approach throughout the production period. 

  1. NetSet Software Solution 

NetSet Software Solution 


NetSet Software Solution began in 2011. Since then, they've been working with numerous start-ups, corporations, Fortune 500 companies, and industry competitors. They are one of the blockchain companies with years of experience in software innovations. The company has a wide range of experts, giving you broader consultancy selection and engineering services. 

Developing technological solutions helps big corporations boost their sales, improve their markets, and save 40% of operational costs and time. NetSet Software Solution makes web and mobile projects of various difficulties with 100% performance, an agile approach in project management, transparent communication, and a well-defined process. 

The company offers all-round, focused applications on producing high-quality and innovative mobile applications. They have the best tech brainiacs to develop your digital product, and you can also hire their team of experts remotely. 

  1. Bloq 



Bloq is part of the leading blockchain companies in the world that provides enterprise blockchain technology. Technologies powered by blockchain transform the way businesses approach trading, security, commerce, auditing, identification, transparency, and many more. 

Due to Bloq's years of open source experience, they are able to maintain a comprehensive open-source ethos. They offer different software infrastructure to boost blockchain applications, including blockchain scaffolding, which they test and document. 

When you work with Bloq, you’ll save a significant amount of money because they strive to decrease the cost and operational blockages for businesses. Through that, they can help your company innovate and develop with the assistance of blockchain technology. 

  1. Blockstream 



Blockstream's primary purpose is to develop new and different ways to speed up various innovations in open assets, cryptocurrencies, and smart contracts. They have extensive experience in bitcoin, cypherpunks, entrepreneurs, cryptographers.

Incorporating the latest security engineering and cryptography, they develop blockchain technology that helps the financial market be more proficient by limiting the dependence on trust. Blockstream invests significantly in development and research to tighten the Bitcoin protocol and ecosystem. 

  1. Inn4Science 



Inn4Science was established in 2016, and since then, they've been growing at a faster pace. The company's primary focus is to develop high-load applications that are centralized, including blockchain systems. The goal is to enhance and optimize start-ups and business processes and provide products of high quality to their clients. 

They believe that by working together with their clients, they can come up with the best solutions. Inn4Service also offers courses to increase the skills of its developers and find new talents. They have a team of experts that can deliver reliable and secured services suited for different business models. The company meets a high standard of reliability, resilience, scalability, efficiency, and transparency. 

  1. BitFury 



Bitfury is making headway for future strategies by using high-quality innovations. It's one of the world's leading innovative blockchain technology companies, ensuring that you get the best of their services. The firm's main aim is to provide the safe and comfortable use of cutting-edge technology such as Artificial Intelligence, bitcoin, blockchain, and high-efficiency computing. 

The whole idea behind Bitfury is to improve the security and trust of its clients. The company’s team is highly skilled, creative, fearless, and full of innovative spirit. According to Bitfury, impossible is not in their vocabulary. It just takes time. 

  1. Ardor 



Ardor is a public blockchain company founded in 2016. The Ignis public blockchain, together with Ardor Platform, offers certified tools for building efficient blockchain applications. However, keep in mind that Ardor is only a software platform. That means, it doesn't carry out individual research or extensive analysis of blockchain properties, digital currency, cryptocurrency, and related funds. 

You have to take responsibility for managing your investments and finding out if your blockchain assets should be exchanged with Ardor or by you. The team has developed and offered evidence of stake blockchain technology. And it uses a cost-effective structure, java coding language, and innovative architecture, and improved smart contracts for both entrepreneurs and companies. 

  1. Faction Studio 

Faction Studio


Faction Studio began its operation in 2006. With more than a decade of experience, they’ve developed outstanding products that meet their client’s goals and standards. They develop compelling mobile user interactions that surpass the expectations of users. The company has a unique way of producing products that keep your customers loyal to your products. 

They are various graphic design tools that add to the applications they build. Faction Studio has also developed and launched products that make use of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, wearables, blockchain technology, and the Internet of Things. 

They also excel in Android and iOS by working in small team groups to overcome technical challenges faster. By doing so, they develop quality and safe products for their clients - a significant part of their business orientations towards emerging technology. 

  1. Acropolis Infotech Private Limited 

Acropolis Infotech Private Limited


One of Acropolis Infotech Private Limited's key focuses is to help corporations and start-up businesses to make their journey simple, with fewer or no complications. Founded in 2016, the company has helped numerous companies to stand on their feet. They've been able to achieve this by creating practical, creative skills via problem-solving. 

The firm helps businesses to solve problems that emerge during the operational period. They offer top-notch technology and efficient methods, which helps in decision making. The process allows clients to become more creative and turn great ideas into a product. 

They have the best consultancy and experience in innovation. They also provide cost-effective maintenance technology that helps businesses to boost productivity and increase their profitability. 

  1. GOTESO 



GOTESO was founded in 2013, and they specialize in mobile and web app development for SMEs, start-ups, and big corporations. They have highly skilled website developers who are ready to help your services grow. The company's analysts, designers, and developers implement agile production methodologies to meet project deadlines. 

The teams work hand in hand to make the design process, development, testing, and launch simple. They help medium-sized companies, entrepreneurs, and international companies to grow their business via outstanding services. 

GOTESO provides custom software development solutions for web, mobile app, and UI and UX development. They produce high-quality products ensuring that your software applications are reliable and free from errors, no matter the complexity. 

  1. Reinvently 



Reinvently is made up of professional designers, product strategists, and digital processors dedicated to growing their client's market. They've developed more than 100 commercial mobile applications for a broad range of markets, including the development of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, IoT, and blockchain. 

They help mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurs to prepare, develop, and implement various strategies for products. They take a custom-made approach to every product they embark on. You can be assured that by working with them, your project will accomplish its intended purpose, with Reinvently supporting you. 

  1. Abto Software 

Abto Software


Abto Software is a custom-made software engineering company established in 2007. The company has gained its reputation from its trusted and high-quality delivery and business progress from its clients in the EU and North America.

According to Deep Knowledge Analytics, the company is part of the Top 15 Artificial Intelligence Developers on Clutch worldwide. The company pushes clients' business by the 21st-century software applying science, their IP, and R&D. Abto Software is inspired by their client's success and believes it's highly relevant to trust and develop businesses' accountability. 

For more than 13 years, Abto Software has worked on numerous projects to improve the learning and teaching of science and technology in universities. 

How To Select The Best Blockchain Companies For Your Project

Before you collaborate with various blockchain companies, you must choose the right blockchain platform that goes with all the features needed for your project to run successfully. Let's quickly go through them. 

  1. Permissioned And Permissionless

Choosing a permissioned or permissionless interface depends on the authority assigned to the serves that are participated. If your business requires an individual system to get authorization before it can engage in a chain, you need permissioned platforms. 

With a permissioned blockchain application, you execute millions of transactions for each second. But permissionless platforms do not allow such options. 

  1. Scalability 

Before you proceed with your business, you need to examine the range of extensions in terms of the transactions and people involved before choosing a blockchain option. As your business expands, so should your blockchain channels. 

Also, take note of the anticipated trade intensity before you choose the right blockchain platform. For instance, Visa provides faster transactions compared to Ethereum. 

  1. Availability And Adaptability 

Every business has various already existing technologies in position. Before you integrate a blockchain framework from blockchain companies, you need to know the flexibility of such systems. Besides, you need to know the latest trends and the platform's accessibility. 

It’s best to choose the blockchain system in which developers can use a programming language to develop. However, you also need to ensure that the programming language can support the SDK of the blockchain platform. 

  1. Security And Support

You need to know the type of support used by the blockchain platform. The platform should be active and readily accessible. You have to find out if the blockchain company offers on-time feedback in situations where there are technical malfunctions.  

Before you choose a blockchain platform, find out if the system is ready to deploy or in working progress. Also, check the platform's code and find out from various reviews if it is the best on the market. 

  1. Cost 

Numerous blockchain companies don't accept transaction fees. However, systems like Ethereum or EOSIO charge cryptocurrency per transaction. Also, Ethereum has a fixed pricing model, unlike EOSIO. So if you're able to determine the cost you'll incur, you can incorporate that into the overall project investment. 

If you're developing an app integrated with blockchain, you can pay between $10K - $300k. The cost seems widely out of proportion, but the price depends on numerous the type of service you need. You can decrease the cost if you develop a Distributed App using a blockchain network that’s public. The cost will go higher if you build everything from scratch.  

Furthermore, many factors affect costs such as infrastructure, storage space, SDK, the company's team size, etc. 

  1. Time 

The time various companies take to execute a blockchain project relies on many factors. For example, the company's location, the features required, tools, technologies implemented, etc. However, if the project is straightforward, the blockchain company can finish within two months. 

If the complexity is moderate, they can finish from 2-4 months. A complicated system can take about six months to execute. But, you’ll need to talk to the company so that they give you the correct estimate. 

You should also consider whether you’ll outsource blockchain developers or develop your team of developers who will work on your blockchain project. An internal team will give you total access to what's going on, but it’s time-consuming.  However, outsourcing blockchain developers gives you the chance to pick your preferred developer for the project. It’s also cost-effective and reduces the time to finish the project. 

Final Thoughts On Blockchain Companies 

Blockchain technology, ever since it came on the scene, has only grown in popularity. The technology has made both small and large companies, start-ups, and entrepreneurs search for growth opportunities in the blockchain world. 

Due to blockchain technology, financial transactions have become more transparent and secured, making businesses thrive. If you want to make use of the blockchain, the blockchain companies listed in this article will help you grow your business. We've outlined the best blockchain technology companies, but you have to decide which one is right for your business model. If you're having a challenge with that, contact us right now, and we will help you make the right choice. 

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