Top 30 Software Development Companies for Custom Applications

It is a tech-powered world we live in today. Finance, business, and many aspects of our very livelihood have gone digital. Software plays a critical role in the performance of the systems that hold these stakes together. And the higher the stakes, the better you need the software to be. That’s why the best software development companiesare in such a high demand to build custom applications.

Custom because bespoke software is the way forward. Bespoke software solutions exist to align the strategies, priorities, and existing systems of your business to the applications that you develop to meet customer needs. Business software in today’s marketplace requires a wide range of technical expertise and design prowess. Armed with the necessary skills, the best software development companies that successfully implement and deploy the needed custom applications for clients have become sought after.

Gygzy presents businesses with a list of the best software development companies that meet all the expectations and demands of today’s tech world. With the help of reviews and in-house research, we’ve compiled this list to help searching businesses find the best software development companies in one place. With this necessary information, businesses can make a more informed choice about the software development companies they wish to work with.


List of 15 Best Software Development Companies for Custom Applications

1. IntellectSoft

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, this is one of the best software developers in the world. It has experience producing world-class software solutions for Fortune 500 companies and other international businesses.

Their primary domain of expertise includes Decentralized Applications like Blockchain, Premier Customer Experience (CX), Cognitive Computing, Mixed Reality (VR, AR), and Internet-of-Things (IoT).

Notable clients – Jaguar, Harley Davidson, Universal Pictures, and Eurostar

2. DCSL Software

This software company is headquartered in London with a brand in Hampshire. Since its establishment in 1994, it has grown to a team of over 100 engineers who have helped the company distinguish itself as one of thebest software development companies in the world. The company specializes in web development, bespoke software development, and mobile application development.

Notable clients – WaterAid, Mitsubishi, Skanska and Hospify

3. Goji Labs

This is an exceptional software consultancy firm based in Los Angeles. It was launched in 2014 with a team of three engineers, particularly skilled in IoT, web, and mobile app development.

Notable Clients – DayPoint, Boon, Kangaroo Time

4. DockYard

best software development companies

DockYard is an agency that specializes in digital product engineering in Boston. It was established in 2010 for serving a wide range of clients. Usually, clients include enterprises, startups, and medium-sized businesses nationwide. Also, the company provides IT training, UX services, and staff augmentation. Engineers of DockYard use Phoenix, Ember, and Elixir.

Notable clients – Nasdaq, Apple, McGraw-Hill, Netflix, and ZipCar

5. Brainvire Infotech Inc

This is a software company based in South Jordan, Utah. As an international firm, it also has several offices across the world in countries like India and U.A.E. It specializes in eCommerce development, mobile app development, and web development for high-value clients. Apart from these, Brainvire also provides ERP and CRM integration and game development services.

Notable Clients – Walmart, Bridgestone, FreshDirect, KPMG

6. Depalma Studios

Depalma studio is a veteran-owned software firm specializing in UX/UI development and design. It is situated in Nashville, Tenn, with over 15 developers. The company is experienced in developing software solutions for businesses in different industries like healthcare, oil and gas, accounting and finance, insurance, transportation, and many more.

Notable clients – Schneider Electric, Deloitte, Mapco Express, Unum, Corecivic, Edgenet

7. Eleks

Eleks specializes in software engineering consultancy for enterprises, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. The company provides UI/UX designs, custom software development, and Big data/ Business Intelligence services. It is an international brand with offices in Germany, United States, Ukraine, Estonia, and the United Kingdom.

Notable clients – Eagle Investment Services, Autodesk, Aramex, ESET, TAIT, GRTGaz

8. Spiral Scout

This is a development and design firm located in San Francisco with a branch in Belarus. Having begun operations in 2010, the company delivered services across several fields like custom software development, web design, eCommerce development, and web development.

Notable clients – Coca-Cola, Off the Menu, P&G, Benchmark Education

9. XFive

This is the only digital marketing agency that has successfully carved a place for itself as a custom software development company. Situated in Krakow, Poland, and other locations like Sausalito, Melbourne, and Australia, it has a team of 47 employees. Today XFive offers the services of UI/UX design and development for small to mid-market sized companies in the IT, business services, and consumer products industry.

Notable clients – Microsoft, Twitter, eBay, Threadless

10. Syberry

Syberry is another bespoke custom development company from Austin, Texas. Since it started operation in 2011, it has expanded to other locations like New York, Warsaw, Belarus, Poland, and Minsk. Some of the services you can get from Syberry include Application management and support, and bespoke software development.

Notable clients – PayPal, The Walt Disney Company, THG Energy Solutions, Livestream

11. Gecko Dynamics

Another great software development company in Krakow, Poland, Gecko, develops web applications for its clients. Other services include mobile app development, custom software development.

Notable clients – Nokia, Jonas Software, Air Canada, Cinepolis

12. MojoTech

This is a full-service custom software development company that also does mobile app, game development, and web development. It is headquartered in Providence, PI, and has branches in locations like Washington, D.C, Boulder, and New York.

Notable Clients – United Way, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, TeeSpring

13. Diceus

best software development companies

Diceus is located in Kyiv, Ukraine, and other locations at business centers around the world, like New York, Lithuania, and Dubai. Currently, with over 119 developers, the company builds custom software and web design & development for clients in the real estate business, financial institutions, and healthcare businesses.

Notable Clients – TeamBase, BriteCore, Total Image Group, NextCom

14. BrainHub

BrainHub specializes in Javascript software development. Using their expertise, the engineers at BrainHub have developed desktop, mobile, and web applications for several clients. Based in Gliwice, the company’s team comprises over 40 members. Together, they collaborate on projects using core JS technologies like Electron, Node.js, React, and React Native.

Notable Clients – National Geographic, InPost, Paradox Interactive, Wonga, Medicover, Venture Harbour, Jackbox Games

15. Accelone

Accelone is also one of the best software development companies coming out of Kirkland, Wash. It has branches in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and was established in 2013 with just 25 team members. Together they work on projects for mobile app development, custom software development, and UX/UI design.

Notable clients – Nike, Oreo, Turner, Bridge Patient Portal

Other honorable mentions


  •             10Clouds
  •             STX Next
  •             SingleMind
  •             BayTech Consulting
  •             TechMagic
  •             Exposit
  •             Spire Digital
  •             Fingent Corp
  •             Orases
  •             Praxent
  •             Atomic Object
  •             The Software House
  •             Door3
  •             10Pearls
  •             NetGuru



The software market is saturated with a lot of service providers. Hence, there is competition between rival firms for the top spot. Our of the top software development company can be a handy tool for businesses interested in partnering with the right company. Which, as you would expect, can be found at the best software development companies around the world. Such a list cannot only contain the firms from one country or region. Therefore, it is a multinational list. You can get any custom software development company on this list to work with on your project.

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