Top 5 Features of The Best Project Management Software

Newton’s Third Law: “For every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction” no, this is not some physics class you are in, this is still about the best project management software. The invention of the world wide web kickstarted the technological age. Just as the technological age advanced, so did with it the need for a more sophisticated yet simple way of helping big and small businesses alike keep organized. Gone are the days that required a team of people to keep things organized. The time and resources used for project management can now be directed into more productive projects that help innovate the business sphere. 

Did you know that 77 percent of companies use project management software, and around 87 percent of big volume companies use project management software as well? Project management software systems can help manage the planning, organizing, time tracking, and managing resource tools both online and offline. More elaborate software can even manage cost control, management of budgets, resource allocations, and even ensure quality management. Now with Newton’s Third Law reference out of the way let us get started on the best features of Project Management Software.

Planning and Scheduling Projects

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Every successful business has a long-time sustainable business model that it tries to follow. Thinking ahead and planning is a crucial part of this model. With the help of the best online project management software companies can now accomplish this task with relative ease. Now assignments could be assigned to team members, priorities and goals could be set. Notifications could be sent out to each team and members reminding them of approaching deadlines. Not everything in life is smooth, sometimes conflicts can occur between companies or even within them. When such mishaps do occur, the software workers could be alerted and priorities could be set to help avoid disaster and the need to reschedule the whole project. It is better to imagine the best project management software as a big spreadsheet that neatly divides you and your team member’s work time. You can visually see the slots of each company team member, and what task they are currently completing, need to complete, and which time slot is free. 

Joining Forces

Communication is a key tool for any company, whether its a multimedia or a digital marketing company. Companies house many different employees of elaborate backgrounds that are experts in their own field. It is only natural that a need rises for expertise sharing among the different team members. Many online project management software offers such services. File sharing is a big part of the app. Team members can now easily share calendars, their contacts list, files that they have completed and etc. Another feature that online project management software has is something like a dashboard where many team members can upload charts, graphs, metrics and so on. All of this information then could be shared among the team members for better cross-referencing. There is a feature that some of us may overlook but is very essential. This feature is an instant messaging service that only the best of the best project management software offers. The ability to instantly send a message with attachments if needed to fellow colleagues would result in faster project completion. No need to waste time and leave the desk and approach one another, but do not forget to make up for that lost exercise!


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With a feature that comes with online project management software, there won’t be a need for “Stalin’s Whisperers” to make a comeback and force workers report on each other. The software collects data previously inserted into the system to evaluate and present projected data. This data entry could be of employee performance, spending, income and help cost-benefit evaluation in general. When having access to such data, nuances that may come up whether it be a bad performing team member or bad business could be easily solved by comparing different reports to easily find the root and help you resolve it. Another great use for reporting tools in project management software is the evaluation of key performance indicators (KPI). With real-time projection of data through metrics and project value inputs, changes in schedule and percentages could be seen. These KPI results could be of team members or just company data in general. 

Managing Resources

If you think there is a need for managing human resources, wait until you hear that other non living resources need to be managed too. But do not fret because the best project management software has you covered. Things like available rooms, materials, and etc. are all resources you will need to keep an eye on. Tools offered by the software will give the user timely updates on which materials are running low, or which rooms are occupied for meetings, and which ones are free would surely be a relief. Keeping the use of these resources under supervision prevents any conflicts from occurring. Also, knowing which materials and resources cost more to the company can help with savings and budget in the long run. 

Project Budget Management

As your business grows and branches out, a simple excel worksheet won’t be sufficient for keeping track of company expenses. It would be hard to keep track of all of the massive amounts of data, leading to an error in calculations. All of the incorrect numbers and data could bog down a project. A great tool only the best project management software will offer you is reports on your budget. These reports are usually presented monthly or weekly, and include information such as your expenditures, income, expenses and general project budget. This is a great tool to prevent overspending. Adding key performance indicators to the equation alongside budget reports helps you evaluate the project developments as a whole. This data could then be translated into graphs and charts that could then be shared with team members to reflect on performance and make room for more improvements.


Remember only the best project management software includes an automated invoice billing tool. You no longer need to calculate the hours you have spent with clients and then create an invoice. Many hours are saved by this convenient tool. The software offers pre-made pdf templates and automated assistance to send you the made invoices to help you keep track. 

Best Project Management Software

Every manager of a project, company, or firm no matter the size, always strives for success. Success comes with the right and well-calculated decisions that are made along the way. Managing a project can be a hard task, but with the help of only the best project management software this burden can be eased. This software tool assists the project manager with almost all of the tasks he or she would need to undertake, along with more tools that are new, but very helpful. All of the head swelling tasks of keeping track of team members, resources and time is a hassle and humans do make errors. Technological tools on the other hand, if not altered or faulty made are perfect. They are tools that we can use to achieve only the most optimal performance numbers. Investments on such tools and software would mean a very good return on investment. The only way to reach such goals would be to adopt only the best project management software.

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