Top 5 Free Drawing Software in 2021

For many years now, digital advancements have caused designers to leave behind pen and paper when creating visual images. You can create astounding visual image files using their electronic sketch pads or computer mouse on free drawing software. 

The drawing software has numerous features such as filters, fill effects, clipart, design layers, templates, etc. These elements can help you create unique digital artwork for advertising, graphic design, and marketing projects. 

The drawing software gives you the option to save in various file formats, publish on your site or blog, or share multiple social media platforms. Even though you have several options, you select from. Some drawing programs can be expensive. 

For example, Adobe Photoshop is a good software for drawing, and you can even try it out for free. However, using it for a long time can be highly expensive. Illustrator is also costly, but these are not your only options. 

You can find free drawing software that is highly competitive with Photoshop and Illustrator. In this guide, we have compiled the five best free drawing software tools you can use for your projects. 

5 Best Free Drawing Software 

1. Inkscape 

Inkscape began in 2003 and has since grown to become a more popularly used vector-based drawing software. After 18 years in the industry, it's still a great alternative professional-grade to Adobe Illustrator. Inkscape has an international community that can help you with any concerns you might encounter with the drawing software. 

The software has all the things you need to create near-photo high-end illustrations. The basic tool set includes shapes, spirals, straight lines, freehand lines, and many more. You can add color fills, layers, including effects such as bevels, textures, shadows, glows, etc. 

Inkscape has numerous videos and text-based tutorials you can utilize. You also get access to quick references and manuals, including detailed information about command-line instructions and keyboard shortcuts. You get all these with no monthly fee required! 

2. Vectr 

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Vector is also a vector-based drawing software you can use online or download for free. The Vectr's screen interface is remarkably clean. The software has the layer stack on the left, your artboard located in the center, and the settings for the objects you choose on the artboard shown on the right. 

The toolset looks basic at a glance. But when you click on the "More Shapes" button, you'll find 28 other designs to work with. Vectr is an excellent option for creating posters, typographic logos, business cards, and different designs that don't include lots of detail. 

Vectr has built-in lessons that cover filters, using paths, uploading images, and gradients. You can also use tutorials that can help you do specific things such as design the background image of a Youtube channel, create Google's Android icon, make Batman logos, etc. You can export all your designs on Twitter and Facebook. 

3. Pixlr E Or Pixlr X

Pixlr X is fundamentally known as a free and simple online photo editor, but you can still use it to create new drawings. The interface is straightforward and easy to use and navigate. The software allows you to edit photos, create drawings, and decide to add numerous elements built by Pixlr together with borders overlays, stickers, and shapes. 

If Pixlr is too basic for you and needs more features, you don't need to upgrade to the software's premium version. You can use Pixlr E. The Pixlr E is not easy to navigate like the Pixlr E, but it's still free and does give you more customization and features. 

For example, the software helps you customize the style or shape of the pens and paintbrushes that you use and their opacity and sizes. Pixlr E has other massive features: sharpen, smudge, create gradients, bluer, etc. You can also add color changes such as saturation, temperature, and vibrance. 

4. GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) 

Since 1995, GIMP has been a free, open-source alternative to Adobe Photoshop. They have all the tools you require for added effects and realism. It also includes everything you need to edit your photographs effectively. 

GIMP also gives you all the drawing tools you need to create any digital art from scratch. It's necessary to program to have if you're into creating digital art or editing images. The software has two primary components. 

The first component is an artboard that works as a primary interface, including a second rectangular interface that holds all your main tools. This tool can move anywhere on your desktop or attach it to your artboard for easy access. 

GIMP also allows you to create another "floater," which helps you group specific tools such as color channels, layers, brushes, history, and paths. If you're searching for an easy way to streamline your design process, this free drawing software can help you do that. 

However, if you want to know where the real magic happens, check the toolbox. The toolbox gives you access to utensils like pencils, tools, paintbrushes, etc. These help you to sharpen, clone, smudge, blur, erase, and many more. 

The software also has a Paths tool that helps you draw lines without the need to install any additional vector-based program. If you're into virtual effects, you can select from GIMP's massive assortment of impressive effects. 

5. Krita 

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Krita is one of the best free drawing software created by artists for artists. The software is entirely free, and the way you can show your support for the creators is through donations. The main objective of the software is the artistic creation of anime, cartoons, or canvas art. 

That means some features you may require for image manipulation or photo editing were not prioritized when the creators developed Krita. One of the core strengths of the software is its brush engine. You can create and tweak brushes for gages, and Krita has over nine brush engines. 

The software's customization process is versatile, and you can create as many brushes as particular to the task as you want. However, the default set of brushes is enough for you to start making art. Besides that, you can always search online for more packs, and it's all for free. 

Krita also gives you layers mechanics. The layering system is similar to Photoshop and gives you access to all standard operations such as blending, merging, grouping, etc. You can find different kinds of layer types such as vector layers, fill and file layers, and paint layers. 

The software supports layered PSD files. That way, you can export your work or open Photoshop files using that format. If you want the best free drawing software to work with, consider Krita. It has everything you'll need. 


As you may know, drawing doesn't mean just drawing. You need to create the right color combinations to make the picture astounding and perfect. Decades ago, all this wasn't possible. Nobody even had a choice. 

However, there are numerous free drawing software to select from. The list discussed in this guide has its unique purpose. You can choose the software that aligns with your intended creation. If you don't know where to start, you can try all of the software out and select the ones that best fit your project. 

If you're having challenges choosing the best free drawing software, contact us, and we will help you out. 




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