Top 6 Free Project Management Software Worth the Download

The importance of streamlined project management in today’s business world is undeniable. For this purpose, many project management software programs are available depending on the size and type of business venture. These programs come with different features, which would be relevant for different budgets. For example, small and mid-sized companies or startups would barely be able to afford heavier project management software. The choices are many, and for those on a budget, you’d be surprised by the number of options. That’s right! There are indeed some free project management tools that you can use. In this article, we will discuss the top 6 free project management software. Depending on your project type, these software packages can be of huge assistance in streamlining your operations. 


Top 6 Free Project Management Software


You have probably heard of Gantt chart. Alexandre Thomas created GanttProject with inspiration from Gantt chart. It is an amazing free project management software packed with features. At its inception, Thomas used GanttProject while studying at the University of Marne-la-Vallee in 2003. GanttProject is an open-source instrument that enables you to plan your project. It features a number of tools like Gantt chart and the Pert chart that will prove very handy. You can utilize this Java-based software in Linux, Windows, and macOS. Also, note that you can use Ganttproject in 25 languages. The features of Ganttproject are awesome, too. You can generate assignments and milestones and easily perform data entry tasks. Further, it is possible to draw dependency constraints between assignments.

Moreover, you can create a Pert chart together with baselines. The main drawback of GanttProject is when it comes to mobile apps, or rather the lack of it. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use it on IOS or Android platforms. Still, it is one of the best free project management software in the market.



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We cannot leave out Asana when talking about project management software. The reason is simple. Millions of people use Asana all over the world. This number should already tell you a lot about the company. Yes, Asana is indeed one of the best free project management software in the world. If we begin counting its features, it might take a while. 

Nonetheless, here are a few. You can divide tasks and divide those divided tasks. Also, it is feasible to assign tasks to team members easily. Further, you can have real-time communication with your team members here. Moreover, milestones, timelines, and more are available here. Long story short, Asana has everything you need. It will assist you a lot in bettering your operations. Your costs will go down, as well, thanks to Asana. Lastly, being one of the best project management software, Asana is available on mobile platforms, too. So, you can access it in IOS or Android gadgets easily. 



Teamweek finds itself on our list, too. It is another perfect software that comes with very handy features. The software gives you quick access to information regarding tasks, timeline, and your team. The simplicity is probably the best part of this project management software. Different from the Gantt chart, Teamweek possesses simpler planning characteristics. It makes Teamweek one of the top software development companies in the industry. All you need to do here is to place assignments with their dates. After this, you will have a greater view of everything within your team. Also, visual project planning will give you a complete overview of everything. Additionally, checklist, integrations, other features will leave you begging for more. It is software that you won’t regret choosing. Among Teamweek’s clientele, you will see some very big names. They include The New York Times, Microsoft, Disney, Netflix, and more. You just cannot dislike a tool that Microsoft uses. Can you?



The next project management tool in our discussion is the MeisterTask. It is a cloud-based project management software. MeisterTask proposes full control over various elements in your project. It is an instrument that you certainly should checkout. MeisterTask boasts of easing your project management issues with its minimalistic yet effective solutions. This project management software will also create flexibility for all your team members. As a result, everybody in your team will see their tasks and the progress of the project. Further, the centralization feature will assist you in connecting with all your team members in one place. Finally, the robust integrated features will bring a smile to your face. So, you can transform it into a completely expanded solution. Here, you will be able to visualize and schedule your project in real-time. For something that otherwise seems pretty simple, this software package sure packs a punch.  



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It would be unfair if we did not include Wrike in our top project management software list. Do you know why? It is because - till 2016, more than 12000 companies were utilizing this tool. Wrike is an amazing project management instrument that will organize everything in your project. No matter if your company is a digital marketing or web design company. The features of this project management app are in two parts. These are project management and team collaboration. In the first part, you can control tasks, track time, and so on. In team collaboration, you can generate assets, communicate with your team, and do more. Different from some other free tools, Wrike is available in numerous languages. These include English, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German. Lastly, you can use this tool both in IOS and Android platforms. In a nut-shell, Wrike is an all-in-one project management software solution. 



Airtable features as the last project management tool on our list. It is a perfect tool for the restaurant industry. But it does not mean that companies from other fields cannot use Airtable. You can adapt this tool to any company competing in any realm. One of the main features of this free project management software is the ease of use. The existence of drag-and-drop tools will make work very easy while working with columns and rows. Also, if you are used to MS Excel, then Airtable will be a breeze to the user. 

What’s more, the columns and rows are customizable, which is an added bonus. You can also modify the view of tables. We cannot forget to mention its availability on mobile platforms. Yes, it is available on IOS and Android platforms. This also makes Airtable one of the best project management software.



In the last decade, many companies have applied the practice of project-based work. Also, the number of project-based initiatives go up year by year. It just shows how important project management has become. Not every company can afford paid project management software. For this reason, we listed the top 6 free project management software. You might be of the opinion that all good things are not free. When it comes to project management software, the old adage might just be true. None of the free management applications mentioned above is hugely inferior to their paid counterparts. If you liked the article, you can find related posts in our page. 

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