Top 8 Skills to Look for When Hiring a PPC Specialist

A PPC specialist is a crucial asset for a marketing campaign. PPC, which stands for Pay-Per-Click, is a form of internet marketing that allows you to buy visitors to your website. You pay for each click that leads to your website. It can be a lot faster than earning them through various SEO practices. If you have a business that needs to grow and gain a wide array of customers, you will need to hire a PPC specialist. Before you can start hiring, you will need to understand a few key points.

Primary duties of a PPC specialist

The PPC specialist can be seen as the master of the trade. These specialists are responsible for the planning and optimization of your online advertising campaign. They can also help you with the design, strategy, implementation, ad performance analysis, and SEO of your PPC ad campaign. Never underestimate the challenges a PPC specialist may face. After all, it does take a unique set of skills to nail a PPC campaign. There are a few roles a PPC company may undertake to help you tackle your ad campaigns. These can be:

  • Keyword Research, which is used to understand the way people search for products and services. There is a constant need to keep up with the current trends and do research. 
  • Landing page design is essential for PPC because the first page your visitors will see. So, it can be seen as your first shot at impressing them. 
  • Watching out for Trends can be seen as a whole other job. Since technology and trends are always on the move, there is a need to be up to date with all of them. 

Primary skills to look for when hiring PPC specialist

A PPC specialist will need to possess a comprehensive set of skills if he or she is to help you succeed in your ad campaign. These skills will need to cover margins from analytics to creativity. If you are on the market to hire your next best PPC specialist, here are eight skills you should look for before hiring. 

#1 Strong analytical skills

A big part of the PPC project is spent on the analysis of current PPC campaigns. Hence, there is a need for the PPC specialist to have strong skills that will allow him or her to carry out this task. These skills require strong mathematical and analytical knowledge. The specialist will need to handle massive amounts of numbers, data, and statistics. This information is then used to improve the many aspects of the campaign. Knowledge of Excel functions like functions and Pivot tables are necessary to manipulate the data. 

#2 Excellent Time Management and Organization skills

PPC specialists are required to be well organized. Solutions like the best project management software can help you get things organized in a timely fashion. But before you employ a software solution for the time management crisis, the specialist needs to have it within him to have a time schedule. If the specialists cannot use their time effectively, your PPC campaign is sure to fail. Most PPC specialists create to-do lists for themselves. Others may even have weekly planners that they refer to. 

#3 Passion for work

The love for work can make or break your project. If a specialist is not passionate about his work, delays and hiccups will be visible from the first day. But, in most cases, PPC specialists will be motivated when it comes to online advertising. One right way of telling if a PPC specialistis passionate about his or her work, is to ask them to talk about their previous projects. If there is excitement when it comes to current or past campaigns, you know you have hit the jackpot.

#4 Technicality

PPC gurus need to know a bit more than the simple online advertising campaigns. The specialist will need to have an understanding of retargeting codes, tracking codes, tag management, and many other technical skills. Through these skills, they can provide you with the effective PPC management you are looking for. Experiences in Javascript and HTML are all important technical aspects of PPC campaigns. Having some experience in these areas is a must for any PPC specialist. 

#5 Creativity is a must!

ppc specialist

Einstein was right when he said imagination and creativity are more important when it comes to knowledge. To increase your visitors, you will need to create targeted and engaging ads that online users are likely to click. This is where a creative PPC expert can help. Your PPC expert of choice needs to have the ability to create targeted ad copies that a searcher is likely to click on.

#6 All around knowledge

PPC experts knowledge should not end with ad-related expertise. A PPC campaign needs to be well integrated with other aspects of your business. Hence, making it essential to hire a PPC specialist that has sufficient knowledge in business goals, customer intentions, and the overall company. It is after fully understanding all of the aspects mentioned above, and then some, the expert can create ad copy, keywords, placements, keywords, and display ads. 

#7 Mutual Communication Skills

PPC specialists need to have excellent verbal and written communication skills. These skills are used to contact clients and different members of the digital marketing team. Without proper communication skills, essential details can be missed leading to disastrous errors and setbacks in the project. These communication skills also need to be mutual. Your PPC expert of choice can have a good command of written and spoken communication, but if he or she is not a good listener, then expect trouble. PPC campaigns require teamwork, and are not a one-person job. The least bad communication skills will do for you is delay your project, which can damage your business significantly.

#8 Open to Learning

No one appreciates an ignorant person. Especially those who are always denouncing new information as something they have known before. When it comes to PPC advertising campaigns, the desire to learn should be a must. The reason for this is, the area of digital marketing is always changing, making it necessary to always be on the lookout for new trends. Your PPC specialist of choice needs to be still passionate about learning and improving his or her level of work. When hiring a PPC expert with high skills in learning, then he or she can also pass down this information, and teach others. This will all lead to a more prosperous team that can only shoot for the stars. 


A PPC specialist is one of the most valuable assets for your company. Just as every sphere requires an expert to handle specific tasks, PPC is no different. Without an expert to lead your project every step of the way, you are sure to go astray. To tackle the challenges of PPC campaign management, you will need to hire a PPC expert. The hiring process does not need to take ages, nor should it break the bank for you. Using the skill criteria mentioned above, you can hire a PPC expert that will not only push your Pay-per-click project to new heights, but take your business along with it!

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