Top 9 Artificial Intelligence Companies for All Industries

Artificial Intelligence is spreading to different industries due to its high impact and endless benefits. It is not a coincidence that huge businesses consider new solutions using Artificial Intelligence and brag about their AI experiences. AI has already become a new standard for top-performing businesses as it is capable of reducing costs, optimizing operations, and increasing profits. Hence, there is a growing demand for reliable Artificial Intelligence companies and their services all around the world. 

In this guide, we present 9 truly competitive Artificial Intelligence service providers. 



Since 2005, Unicsoft has been providing web and mobile development services powered by Machine Learning, Blockchain technology, and Artificial Intelligence. Unicsoft is one of the accessible artificial intelligence companies, not only for large enterprises but also for startups. Regardless of the business size, owners and managers can get high-quality services like Data Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Mobile Development, UI/UX services, etc. 

What makes Unicsoft unique is that its large team of more than 100 people specialize in different industries. Business owners from various industries such as Retailing, Media & Marketing, Supply Chain, Healthcare, or Manufacturing can get customized Artificial Intelligence services in Unicsoft. Besides, the company provides case studies on its online platform. By checking their previous works, prospective clients can decide if these services fit their needs.



If you are looking for Artificial Intelligence companies specifically for a startup business, Talentica is the way to go. With the main focus on startups, this company got awards from industry giants, like Deloitte, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services. Talentica has years of experience building Minimum Viable Products, developing them for a sellable offering, and communicating the idea to millions of potential customers. In other words, Talentica is the life-long partner of startup businesses. 

One of the features that make Talentica stand out is its focus on developing as the company invests up to 5% of the income in learning cutting-edge technologies of the future. In this way, the company can stay ahead of its competitors and deliver error-free services every single time. Potential customers can evaluate Talentica's offerings by checking their previous works supplied on the website or getting help from Artificial Intelligence Research companies.



Artificial Intelligence companies can help businesses optimize their operations, save costs, increase revenues, and Neoteric does the same! The company provides Machine Learning, Deep Learning, recommendation engines, predictive models, and other Artificial Intelligence services. The Neoteric team applies these services to different business fields, whether it is about Marketing or Finances, to bring benefits to the customer's business. With its agile approach, Neoteric delivers efficient work. 

One of the tools to achieve success fast and minimize clients' effort is their 2-day workshops called "Neoteric AI Sprint." In this Sprint, the company maps out the client's solutions and determines what resources are needed. As a result, it sets realistic expectations for the customers and gives a taste of the benefits the full implementation of the AI project will bring. 


Data Root Labs

Data Root Labs provides Data Science and AI consulting services. Like Talentica, it also delivers Minimum Viable Product. The Data Root Labs team can deliver it on average in eight weeks. The project workflow starts with free Artificial Intelligence consulting and ends with system monitoring and full knowledge transfer. It is possible to find different cases on the official website. Potential clients can check the case goal, project length, and other work details to decide if Data Root Labs is the right choice. Besides, the company delivered projects to a wide range of industries, such as Retail, Logistics, Healthcare, etc. 

Data Root Labs is well known for its fast project delivery and flexible pricing. If a client faces a fundraising issue, the company's Venture Services team helps the client prepare fundraising documents.



One of the Artificial Intelligence companies with extensive experience and delivered more than a hundred projects in different industries is Miquido. Due to its high-quality services, Miquido was one of the two AI companies getting certified by Google in Poland. Whether you want to establish, develop, or optimize your business, Miquido can help you achieve your goals fast and effectively. The team has experience in Data Science, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Voice Assistants in Artificial Intelligence services. 

Hence, they provide a full-scale service when it comes to AI. Besides AI, the Miquido team performs Research and Development, product design, mobile development, cloud deployment, and other tasks. Because of its vast range of impeccable services, Miquido can be a life-long partner for any business client.


Narrative Science

Artificial Intelligence companies are capable of coming up with interesting and creative solutions. However, what Narrative Science does is worth distinguishing. Narrative Science uses Natural Language Generation technology to transform data into stories. This technology analyzes the inputs and creates stories or text about the results. In other words, it accomplishes the tasks of data analytics. 

The company aims to empower businesses and facilitate the data analytics adoption process by making it simple. Besides, it saves time for data analytics as people might not have the necessary time to reveal important insights from a data mass. One can also try this service for free to see how it works and if it will be suitable for the business.


Digital Scientists

Speaking of free trials, Digital Scientists is also one of the Artificial Intelligence companies that provide free sessions to help potential clients to make informed decisions. Under the AI service category, the company provides Natural Language Processing, smart recommendations, Machine Learning, etc. Even better, the company is the trusted, certified Google Cloud partner. Besides, Digital Scientists specialize in mobile application development and UX design. Among their customers, Mailchimp, Thomson Reuters, and other companies are worth mentioning.



Though Clarifai is a relatively young member of the Artificial Intelligence companies list, it achieved huge success in a short period. Clarifai provides sophisticated image, video, or text recognition services that earned it many awards from Nvidia. ImageNet and other organizations. Whether you run an e-commerce company or operate in the tourism, aviation, streaming, and insurance industries, the Clarifai team brings customized, unique solutions to your business needs. 

What makes this company even more competitive is that it also delivers free operations for personal and academic projects. The company is transparent about its pricing strategy, which has started from $30 in the Essential package and $300 in the Professional package, in addition to free forever services in the Community package.



Persado is one of the truly unique Artificial Intelligence companies. By utilizing Natural Language Generation, Persado understands customer reactions and creates targeted messages that the customers will like. Its messages are used not only in email subjects or push notifications but also in email bodies, display ads, and landing pages. Its brain is continuously learning as new marketing campaigns are added. Like Clarifai, this company is also young- 8 years in the industry, but 44 Fortune 500 companies already use its product. 


Final Words

Each of the Artificial General Intelligence companies presented in this guide has unique features. They differ in service range, budget requirements, and other elements. Potential clients can choose the most suitable Artificial Intelligence company by researching more about various companies. Alternatively, you can use the Gygzy review and research platform to compare your alternatives. 


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