Top 9 Game Development Companies in The US

Games are the big talk of the town in today’s entertainment industry. When Netflix CEO Reed Hastings was asked about strategies to tackle video streaming companies. He chose to rather talk about PUBG, which at that time had taken the entertainment world by storm. Like most things in the entertainment industry, it is often the behind-the-scenes toils that go unnoticed. Game developers work hard (sometimes years of work) to bring-out content that is new and improved from their earlier reiterations. Games today are more realistic and higher quality than ever before. This is all thanks to game developers who toil hard at giving users the best experience possible. Many of these developers are American game development companies. In this article, we will talk about the top 10 game development companies in the US that are pushing the envelope. So, let’s get familiar with the developers of your favorite games. 

Top 10 Game Development Companies in the US

Naughty Dog

One of the top game development companies in the US is Naughty Dog. Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin founded this game development company in 1984. You may not have heard of this California based company. But it does not change the fact that Naughty Dog is still among the prominent companies in its field. It is also because Naughty Dog has developed the Crash Bandicoot. “Crash Bandicoot” is the very game that gained the love of millions of players. You may not have played this game. But you must have heard of “Crash Bandicoot” before. In 2001, Sony Interactive Entertainment acquired Naughty Dog. Among other notable games by Naughty Dog, we can mention “Uncharted” and “The Last of Us.” 

Valve Corporation

Another one of the US-based top game development companies is Valve Corporation. Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington founded the company in 1996. Back then, both of the founders were the employees of Microsoft. Also, Valve Corporation is one of the top companies in the industry for its revenue. In 2012, it had total equity of 2.5 billion USD. Players know Valve Corporation mainly for several games. They include “Half-Life,” “Dota,” and “Left 4 Dead”. 

But most importantly, people love the legendary “Counter-Strike.” This game was the favorite of millions through the years. Additionally, we have to say its release happened almost two decades ago. Still, many people enjoy this mind-blowing game.

Id Software

game development companies

We cannot forget Id Software among top US video game companies. The co-founding team of Id Software consisted of 4 people. They founded Id Software in 1991. While establishing the company, all four members were a part of the Softdisk company. It also makes the company one of the oldest game development companies in the US. Id Software has contributed significantly to the video game industry. They had brought necessary technological developments to the industry. You must have heard of its popular games. They contain games like “Doom,” “Wolfenstein,” and “Quake.” Zenimax media acquired Id Software in 2009. Since then, the company has been operating as a subsidiary. 

Santa Monica Studio

Have you ever played “God of War”? No? But you must have definitely heard of it. Yes, it is Santa Monica Studio that developed this legendary game series. The company was founded in 1999. Though established in 1999, they gained significant recognition in 2005. It happened thanks to the launch of “God of War.” The team of Santa Monica Studio is accountable for assisting other small-sized development companies. In 2018, they released the latest version of “God of War.” Make sure you check out this fantastic game.

Jam City

Jam City is another top game development company we had to mention. Well, at least because the format of their games are different. Co-founding members of Myspace founded Jam City, too. In this, they received help from the previous 20th Century Fox executive, Josh Yguado. Jam City games are free to play. It is their distinct central aspect. Nevertheless, players have to pay small amounts to pass the upcoming stages of games. Its most popular game is “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.” The LA based game development company is a subsidiary of Netmarble since 2015.


You have surely heard of Blizzard. At least as a part of Activision Blizzard. It is one of the biggest game development companies in the US. Founded in 1991, it became a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard in 2008. With the acquisition, Activision Blizzard became the biggest company in the video industry of the US. Also, it is among the top video game holding companies in the world. Blizzard has introduced itself to players with some massive games. “Warcraft,” “Diablo,” and “Starcraft” are just three of them. 


Bungie is yet another company that makes it to our list. One of the oldest game development companies was founded in 1991. The Chicago based game development company focused on Macintosh games in preceding years. So, they created two amazing games for Macintosh. They were “Myth” and “Marathon.” In 2010, the company had a deal with Activision Blizzards. It eventually turned out to be a 10-year publishing deal. 

Electronic Arts


Finally, one of the two biggest game development companies in the US - Electronic Arts. Headquartered in California, it is a pretty old video game company in the US. In 1982, an employee of Apple named Trip Hawkins founded the company. Although initially created as a home computer company, Electronic Arts later went on to become one of the biggest game development countries in the US. By the time the company started to create very successful games. Also, most games by Electronic Arts are hugely popular. We can name “FIFA,” “Battlefield,” “Need for Speed,” and more in this list. “Medal of Honor” is also a favorite game of millions of players. In 2018, Electronic Arts saw its revenue at 5.15 billion USD. They remained behind of Activision Blizzard only for this figure. Though California based, the company has many offices in other cities of the US.

Stallion Gaming

The last company to feature on our list is Stallion Gaming. You may not have heard of it, but this young company promises to deliver spectacularly well in the future. Stallion Gaming was founded in 2018 in L.A. Despite being in its nascent years; the company already has quite a large fan following in LA. The game development team at Stallion has produced magnificent casino games until now. They also adept are creating Android and IOS based mobile games. The team has built a number of games for Playstation and PC, too. 

Further, real-time strategy games are among the favorite type of games among its clientele. Having been in the industry for a significant period of time, the company guarantees the quality of the games they develop. If you are looking for high-quality, cost-effective game development services, they are the way to go.


This post lists the top 9 game development companies in the US. If you enjoyed reading this blog post, check out some of our other related topics in the industry. For instance, you can learn how to create a mobile game development company from our blogs. So, check out our page for more related topics. 


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