Top Game Development Companies in 2021

With the boom in the gaming industry, it seems like the market is completely saturated. Finding a new idea that can catch the player's attention among the thousands of competitors is more complicated than ever. However, when a creative idea pops up in mind, people find out that the game idea was the easy part of the process. What is more challenging is selecting a company that can develop the desired game to its full potential. Hence, in this guide, we will list and discuss the top game development companies with proven credentials in the U.S.  

At the end of the list, readers will also find useful information that can help them choose the most suitable service provider. 


Valve Corporation

One of the biggest names in the game development industry is the Valve Corporation. This Washington-based company was established in 1996 by former Microsoft employees. Currently, the company has equity of more than 2.5 billion dollars. Its popular games include Counter-strike series, Dota 2, Day of Defeat, and Half-life series. As mentioned, Valve is not a small young company. Hence, people who want to develop mini mobile games are better to choose alternative game development companies


Naughty Dog

Another important name in the gaming industry is Naughty Dog, with its popular games on Sony's Playstation platform. The company has received hundreds of awards for its success in the industry. Iconic Crash Bandicoot, Jak, and Daxter are among the most well-known games of this developer. Its recent releases include Uncharted and The Last of Us Part series for PlayStation 4. 


Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games is a New-York based video game developer who is famous for its action focus. Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and Midnight Club are among its mostly played games. Though the games can seem conventional, the Rockstar Games team adds innovative and interactive elements to catch the players' attention. In their portfolio, there exist many different versions of the previously mentioned games. For instance, they have created Grand Theft Auto with various themes, such as Chinatown, Vice city, San Andreas, Liberty City Stories, etc. As they bring creative points to their common games, there is no doubt about their innovativeness and "out-of-box" thinking. It is also one of the game development companies that value customer satisfaction. Hence, the team provides multi-step quality checks so that the clients can get an efficient outcome. 



As gaming becomes more popular, young development companies emerge faster than ever. If a client wants to work with a more experienced company, Firaxis can be a perfect choice. Established in 1996, Firaxis aims to create games that keep its popularity as time passes. Currently, the company has dozens of hit games in the market, including Railroad Tycoon and Pirates. Perhaps its most famous game is Civilization, which was created by Sid Meier in MicroProse in 1991. However, currently, Firaxis owns the game and develops new releases. What makes Firaxis even more prominent is its corporate structure and culture. The team puts an extensive focus on players and delivering significant results. Hence, clients can rely on the professionalism of Firaxis with peace in mind. 


Jam City

American game development studio, Jam City, is known for its fun and narrative-based mobile games. Its Cookie Jam game has generated more than a half a billion dollars. Another game, Panda Pop, reached almost 120 million downloads recently. Jam City team also developed a role-playing game, which is based on the Harry Potter movie. This game landed on the top of the most played games list in more than forty countries. It should not be surprising that such a successful company has studios all over the U.S- in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, etc. 



Cubix is an app and software development company that also specializes in 2D and 3D games. The company was established in 2008, but today, it is a fully-established development company with specialists in all related fields. Having served more than 500 clients, the company has a massive customer base. Some of their well-known customers are Big Fish Games, DreamWorks, and Artizone, but the company serves businesses of all sizes, from large corporations to startups. 

Cubix uses cutting-edge tools such as Cocos2D, Starling, or Unity, to create engaging games. Their games are compatible with different platforms. Hence, a client can get a game development service for Facebook, iPhone, or Android in Cubix.



One of the award-winning game development companies- Visartech, provides seamless service from scratch. The company specializes in digital art and focuses on the accuracy and precision of 2D and 3D modeling. Visartech develops games for different screens, whether PC, smartphone, or tablet. Plus, clients can enjoy extended reality features by integrating VR/MR/AR development into their games. Visartech aims to deliver exceptional results for the clients. Their portfolio includes engaging games such as Pathlemania, C-fall, Time Drop, Warghs, and Neon Driver. Whether clients are looking for a racing, puzzle, card, or match-three games, the Vizardtech services cover them. 


Red Apple Technologies

This game development company has gained popularity quickly due to its extensive focus on creativity and passion for integrating innovations into their multi-platform games. Their highly engaging games, such as Baby Earth, Devil's Eyes, Themepark Mania, and King's Jewelry, enjoy the players worldwide. Besides, all these games are compatible with both IOS and Android systems. With Red Apple Technologies, one can ensure the success of the idea because they work hard together with specialists, including developers, designers, and analysts. Like other top game development companies, they also utilize Unity 3D, HTML5, Cocos2D-X, and Cocos2d JS.



Known for its experienced team members, GameAnax provides different services such as VR, AR development, and 2D/3D Art design. In the game development industry, this company is highly competitive as it can build any idea the client wishes. Whether it is a puzzle, racing, shooting, educational, VR, or AR game, GameAnax can bring the best result. They have even developed VR games for HTC Vive, Oculus, and Google Cardboard. Their working philosophy relies on 5D- Discover, Define, Design, Develop, Deliver. Hence, one can expect both creative development and responsible service from this game development company. 



One of the game development companies with a diverse portfolio is Scopely. They develop both fight games such as Marvel Strike Force, Star Trek Fleet Command, and fun games such as Scrabble GO or Looney Tunes World of Mayhem. It should already be clear that this company got inspired by famous books or movies. They have experience with creating similar characters and plot-based stories for the games. Hence, anyone with the film or cartoon-based idea can contact Scopely for maximizing the success of their projects. Plus, keep in mind that Scopely is mostly famous for its mobile game development. Therefore, it can be better for potential clients who want to get cross-platform games to check other game development companies on this list. 


ZeniMax Online

Another member of award-winning game development companies is ZeniMax Online. They are most proud and well known of The Elder Scrolls Online game. This game was launched six years ago and won MMO of the year three times. What ZeniMax did was to move the Elder Scrolls franchise to an online environment. With the best developers and designers of the industry in the team, ZeniMax promises game-changing developments are coming soon. 



Glu has created its creative world in gaming throughout its almost 20-year experience. One of its innovative games is the Disney Sorcerer's Arena, which is a turn-based RPG with Real-time PVP. Design Home, Dinner Dash Adventures, Restaurant Dash with Gordon Ramsay have gained popularity quickly, among other games. The team consists of young, but world-class developers and designers. This San Francisco based game development company has a broad base of international clients, thanks to its focus on learning, sharing, and trusting each other. Besides, Glu is a perfect choice for multi-platform games, as its offerings are available on App Store, Google Play, and Amazon.


Stallion Gaming

Stallion Gaming develops games of all types in a short time at affordable rates. It is a Los-Angeles based young company with specialists all around the world. The diversity in the team affects the creativity and innovation involved in the game development process. Hence, the Stallion Gaming team delivers fun games for multiple platforms. Whether a client wants casino, unity, strategy, turn-based, or real-time games, Stallion Gaming covers them. Plus, the company aims to maximize professionalism. Hence, the clients get their projects done in the planned schedule and the budget. Coin Dozer, Buffalo Thunder, Wild West, and Vegas Vacation are among the famous works of Stallion. 


Axton Group

Axton Group provides a wide diversity of services, including digital marketing, database administration, website, software, and game development. Its team involves highly professional programmers, designers, and writers who can realize any clients' ideas. They work with a range of cutting edge tools. By utilizing HTML, Magento, Zen Cart, JavaScript, PHP, and many more, Axton Group maximizes its projects' quality. 



AppEastern is a New York-based game development company with ten-year experience in the field. Thanks to its dedication to building breakthrough games, AppEastern's star shined fast in the industry. Its services include 2D, 3D, Ipad, iPhone, Android, Cocos2D, Unity, Cocos2D-X, and HTML5 game development. AppEastern created small mobile games for multiple companies. Juice Fruit Pop, Plunder Pirates 3D, and I Hate Zombies are among the fun games developed by AppEastern's professional team. Besides, what makes this company unique is its several development methodologies. Clients can choose the one that fits their projects and enjoy the methods like Waterfall, RAD, or Agile software development.



Workinman has been creating fun games since 2006. It is one of the game development companies that worked with famous clients, such as Marvel, Amplify, Disney, Nintendo, Fisher-Price, Atari, etc. The company owes its success to high-level creativity, premium customer satisfaction, and an around-the-clock support system. Plus, Workinman provides complete service, from VR &AR to Monetization plans, HTML5 conversion, and connected product functions. Workinman is best for projects with large budgets. Hence, if you are just entering the industry and have a limited budget, it is advisable to choose one of the smaller game development companies.


Velan Studio

Founded in 2016, Velan Studio is a young game development service provider. It is an independent game developer based in New York. Its dedicated team of programmers and designers serves the company mission of building games with magical user experience. The company has contributions in multiple franchises, including Crash Bandicoot, Super Mario Maker, or Destiny. Velan Studio is a corporate developer with its absolute values in the process, such as staying curious, respecting, and building world-class games. Hence, the clients should not doubt the professionalism of this service provider. 


Artgig Apps

Multiple award-winning service provider, Artgigapps, focuses on mobile game development. Its skilled team works with projects of all sizes. The company has been in the industry for more than ten years and created its kids' educational apps and the client's projects. They usually create simple games with functional UX/UI design. Some of the Artgig Apps include Jump Numbers, Alien Buddies, Marble Math, and Shake-a-Phrase. If a potential customer has a gaming idea for kids, the Artgig Apps will be a perfect choice because of their dedication to kids' apps. 


Knock Knock Games

Founded in 2006, Knock Knock is a game development company with more than thirty developers. This company provides a full-cycle development cycle, starting from the idea generation to marketing. By using Unity and Unreal game engines, this service provider built fun games, such as Rise of colonies: Uprising, Lone Tower, and Chest of Memories. The company also puts much attention to customer service. Hence, it offers around-the-clock support and free quotes in 24 hours. 


Endeavor One

Though the Endeavor One company was established in 2006, its app developers have more than a decade of experience. Hence, its partners are famous names, including Microsoft, Sony, HTC, Valve, Samsung, and Oculus. Endeavor One aims to transport players to different worlds through mind-blowing graphics and engaging storylines in the games. Currently, its popular games are Dome of the Dead, Halo Recruit, and Jump. 


Process before Choosing a Reliable Game Developer

Some people directly jump to researching game development services for their ideas. However, what is vital is to determine the needs and specifications of the project. Before contacting any developer, clients should think about what they want from the service provider. There exist game development companies with different features. Some of them provide the cheapest services, while others focus on the quality of the project. Hence, knowing what the project needs beforehand is a must for successful game development. 

If a client has a simple mobile game idea, it is better to find young and small developers. As the concept aims to provide engaging time to the players rather than creating an addictive game, there is no need to waste money with the premium developers. By working with small companies, the client can get the game for the lowest price. Besides, small developers can still deliver high-quality results. Having fewer years does not mean that the end product will not have the same features and visual elements as the large developers build. Also, young companies mostly have smaller numbers of clients. Hence, if you have an idea, they can realize it in the shortest possible time. 

In short, define what the project needs- the budget level, the time to market, features, etc. 


How to Choose a Reliable Developer?

Some factors indicate the success of game development companies. 



One of the first things to check is the portfolio. The portfolio shows the previous works of the company and their specialization. Sure, if a client wants a role-playing game, it is desirable to see some projects in this category in the portfolio. This method is one of the best ways to understand how the end project will look like. Besides, a portfolio should gather the top games or other services of the company. Hence, if the portfolio does not catch the potential client's attention, it does not make sense to expect more for the next project. 

Additionally, people in need of development services can access these games and play them. In this way, they can assess the service's quality, including functionality, navigation, visual effects, storyline, and character development. 



Another great way to find and choose reliable game development companies is by reading the reviews. Like Gygzy, some platforms provide an opportunity for actual clients to share their ideas about the service provider. As Gygzy is an independent platform, the customers can write their positive or negative comments with peace in mind. Such transparent platforms are a fantastic way to assess customer satisfaction. Sure, if there exist many negative reviews, it is better to stay away from that company. 

If potential clients still have some doubts about the reviews, they can ask the game developers to provide some references. References are also previous customers of the company. The companies usually share the contact information, name, and project type of these references. Hence, a prospective customer can check the list, choose a reference, and contact them to direct some questions. They can ask if the developer delayed the project, exceeded the preliminary budget, or frequently shared the progress status.

In some cases, previous customers can be hesitant to share negative opinions either because they think it is not ethical or afraid of losing the developer's support. However, talking with them can anyway reveal some attitudes from their voice tone. Plus, if they do not directly answer the question or respond partially, it means they had a terrible experience with the game development company. 


Investigate the Time-to-Market 

Time-to-market is one of the most important factors when it comes to game development for business clients. This factor became crucial in today's digital environment, changing at the speed of the light. Every second new game is added to the market. Hence, if a client has a gaming idea to monetize, waiting can be prohibitive. Specifically, business customers need to be the first to launch the game to get the most profit. 

If the game development company is delivering slow results and takes more time than they promise to enter the market, there is a high chance of failing in the marketplace. The less it takes to launch the project, the higher the profits will be. Therefore, check the review and references to get trustworthy information about time-to-market indicators.



The development cost is usually the most significant factor that concerns clients. Some clients might not have large budgets for their ideas. However, choosing a company for its affordability claims can be dangerous because the price can reflect the quality. Investing a small budget might result in unsuccessful projects which are not marketable at all. Besides, another problem occurs when a company projects a small budget, but during the development process, they exceed the calculations. 

The answer to the question of whether to choose affordability or quality is simple: be reasonable. We do not advise against wasting money on more affordable projects or paying less for high-quality works. The quality or value should be in conjunction with the price. What is necessary is finding a transparent and honest game developer. They might offer you low budget options by stating that they will omit some features. In this case, your game will be perfectly playable but also require less money. Plus, check the reviews and references to determine if the game development companies require additional costs after implementation. 


Technical Competence

As fast as the gaming industry changes, the tools and platforms used to build the games also change. Game development companies need to continually invest in cutting-edge tools and train the staff to integrate innovative advances. Otherwise, their games will fall behind the competitor's offerings. It is necessary to know what the latest technologies the service providers utilize and whether they provide modern solutions the client wants to have. 



Professional game development services provide constant contact with clients. Customers need to know the progress status of their projects. Sometimes the development team sails away too much, and the end project becomes utterly different than what the customer requested. Hence, the service provider should communicate all the essential changes to the clients. 

One of the best ways to maintain information flow is having a project manager. Project management stands between the clients and the developers in game development companies. They ensure that the client is knowledgeable about the progress and the developers understand what the customers want. If there is no project manager assigned to your game idea, it can be hard to find a person to communicate your concerns or questions. Ask the company about their project structure or contact the references to check their previous service provider experiences.


Quality Assurance

In general, game development companies share the details of the project cycle with the clients. The process usually involves preliminary evaluation, coding, designing, testing, and ends with the launch. Sure, all the steps are essential in this cycle. We have already discussed most of them. Project manager and communication flow are critical in the preliminary evaluation period. Technical competence matters for coding and designing. Next, time-to-market determines the success of the launch. What we have not discussed in the testing stage, or other words, quality assurance. Testing includes debugging and checking the functionality, speed of the game. In short, quality assurance ensures that the game is in perfect condition, and players will face no issues. Hence, the companies' focus on the testing stage is necessary to determine their professionalism level and success rate of the project. 



While this factor is not the most important one, its existence is a support for the client. Some development companies help with the launch and marketing of the game. They ensure that the game responds to the platforms' requirements, such as the Play Market and App Store. In this way, the game finds its way to the market fast and easily. Also, providing digital marketing services can involve paid advertising or display marketing. As a result, launching the game and getting the players' attention becomes easy and efficient. However, such a requirement is not a must. Many companies can still develop high-quality games without offering marketing services. 


Utilize Gygzy

Gygzy platform is an extensive database of service providers in different industries and countries. It is a research and review platform that helps potential customers to make the right decision about their projects. What makes Gygzy unique is that it provides both customer reviews and its research about the companies. Users can submit their thoughts about game development services with no barrier to this platform. Plus, the Gygzy team evaluates game development companies in various dimensions, including cost, delivery time, industry experience, and tools. As a result, all companies undergo a two-step review process, which leads to the generation of reliable information about the quality of the service. In short, Gygzy helps people in need of game development or any other IT service to make the most informed decision.

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