Top Web Development Companies in the US

Web development services here, web development companies there… In every corner of the U.S., not to mention the online companies with worldwide reach, one can find a service provider for creating websites. So, in this guide, we answer the concerns on who a prospective client should work with. We have created a list of 12 leading web developers, and each of them has different pricing strategies and service details. However, one thing that does not change is the high level of development quality. Besides, we will share some tips to choose the most suitable service developer if you feel lost among many amazing options. 


Far Shore

Founded in 2006, Far Shore is an experienced web development service provider with more than 2000 projects. Thanks to its global, full-time developers and designers, the company created fantastic projects for popular clients such as Tide, Artifact Uprising, Idex, Northwestern University, etc. Far Shore prides itself on full-scale e-commerce sites and back-office applications. Their projects facilitated customers to handle thousands of transactions and optimize their internal processes.

Besides web development, the company undertakes mobile development, branding, IoT, and digital marketing services. Hence, potential clients who do not want to partner with different companies for each of these services can choose Far Shore as it is a one-stop destination for the whole project. 

Additionally, Far Shore is one of the web development companies that make the decision-making process for clients fast and easy. It provides much information about previous works, team members, partners, and shares detailed case studies of their successful projects. After reading these case studies, prospective clients will make more informed decisions for their web development needs. 



Zibtek has been known as leading software development and consultancy firm since 2009. However, a great part of their services also belongs to web development. Their success is due to the high-quality engineering that utilizes Python, Javascript, Ruby, CSS, and many other cutting-edge tools. Their featured clients, including FormFox and Hootsuite, enjoy fully responsive websites with elegant design and exceptional usability. 

What makes Zibtek competitive is that they provide web development consulting services which aim to find suitable modern solutions of the online market for every single client. Its professional team of developers and designers enjoy proven team models such as Agile and SCRUM. Therefore, the team can deliver positive results in a short time. Their web development services bring highly-functional projects with easy accessibility. Besides, the team invests much time and effort into improving the website's desirability through contemporary design and easy navigation.


Emergent Software

Emergent Software is one of the web development companies that business clients will enjoy working with. One can easily get a website ready. However, Emergent Software brings unique benefits to this process. First, it offers integration possibilities of the site with the enterprise systems, such as SAP, Salesforce, or Microsoft Dynamics. Meanwhile, the business clients do not worry about their data safety because this company hosts the site on a cloud by using Microsoft Azure to comply with the security requirements. Another advantage of this company is that it uses cutting-edge content management solutions, including Sitecore and Umbraco. 

Besides its technological features, the company provides many other benefits in communication and partnership. The team members of web development companies are all local, and they act as an extension of the client's team. Even after delivering the project, Emergent Software provides around-the-clock support services, adds new features, and audits full-functionality operations. 


Azul Arc

Founded in 2006, Azul Arc is one of the leading web development companies in the U.S. The company provides various services such as business or mobile app development, visualization, and web design. Some of their projects include BluePrint, Cox Auto, and HJ Russell & Company. Potential clients can find case studies of these clients on the official website to evaluate the Azul Arc team's performance. 

Azul Arc web development services utilize various contemporary tools such as Javascript, HTML5, Bootstrap, AngularJS, or WordPress. This company also enables clients to integrate their Salesforce data and operations to the website. Thanks to its extensive focus design, delivery, and support after the project completion, the company received several awards. Specifically, they were successful in website creation for travel and hotel/lodging. In 2018, their projects- Equity Estates and Resilient Floor Covering Institute websites- won Gold and Silver Davey Awards.  


Mentor Mate

One of the worldwide popular web service providers is MentorMate. They have seven offices across the globe and provide development in more than thirty languages. They had more than 1200 projects, which were mostly based on the education and healthcare industry. Currently, they provide full-scale services from web development to mobile development, systems architecture, and systems integration. 

What gives MentorMate a competitive advantage is their approach to projects. They do in-depth research for each client to create a human-focused website. They test the design strategy, check the visitors' interactions with the website, and their experience attributes. Whether a client needs an intranet platform, web app, or a marketing site, MentorMate covers them all professionally. Besides, the team utilizes the Agile development process to deliver fast results and constantly improve the website. 



Rootstrap is another award-winning, leading mobile and web development company. They create beautiful and functional websites that respond to customer needs. The Rootstrap team achieves success in website building by integrating user tests and feedback in every development process stage. In this way, they ensure that when the site is live, it will meet the clients' expectations and the realities of the digital world. 

Rootstrap aims to combine functionality with the design to create jaw-dropping websites for every single customer. Their user-focused approach is what brought them multiple awards during the last two years. 

When it comes to tools and software used, Rootstrap does not hesitate to invest heavily. The company utilizes Javascript, Python, Jquery, HTML5, Storybook, SaSS, WordPress, CSS3, ReactJS, and many more cutting-edge solutions for its projects. Besides, they claim that their success is partially due to their inspiring partners, including industry giants such as KIA, Microsoft, or Spotify. Potential clients can also check the case studies on their official website to have more ideas about the service level of Rootstrap. 



Some companies put the client in the center of the attention, and ThoughtBot is one of those service providers. They pride themselves in close connection with the client. In every stage of the project, the team makes big and small decisions together with the customers.

ThoughtBot has offices across the U.S.- in New York, Boston, Austin, San Francisco- and in the U.K. Its skilled team utilizes a range of technologies in web development projects. Whether a client wants a website from scratch or wishes to improve the existing site, ThoughtBot's developers and designers have what it takes. Senior-level developers and designers facilitate other team members to increase the work quality and speed up the delivery process. While the company heavily focuses on the usage of Ruby on Rails, they also utilize other technologies such as React, Elixir, Phoenix, Python, Django, and Elm. Besides, ThoughtBot offers other services, including mobile, IOS, and Android development. 


Webzool Creative

This Los Angeles-based company provides a broad range of I.T. solutions to its clients. From web development, to SEO, Branding, SMM, or game development, Webzool Creative covers them all. Their web development solutions come with a full ecosystem, default admin panel, and scalability, which fits both small and large organizations' needs. Student Loans Resolved, Free World Music, Bontea Cafe, Posvice, and Stallion Gaming are among their clients with the highest traffic volume. 

Webzool Creative is one of the web development companies with high investment in cutting edge tools and frameworks. However, the company still delivers affordable services to make the quality accessible to all clients. Specifically, small and medium-sized businesses prefer working with this company to get the best value for every penny invested. 


WDG- Web Development Group

WDG is one of the web development companies that emphasize the importance of data-driven services. It prides itself on websites that do not get created randomly. Instead, the WDG team invests time and effort to research the clients and the audience. As a result, they calculate a strategy and provide award-winning full-stack development solutions. The development team specializes in Open Source Content Management System implementation, content migration, and API integration, which enable the company to deliver wholly-functional websites for each client. Not surprisingly, WDG has many stars in its portfolio, including the American Red Cross, World Cocoa Foundation, Treliant, etc. Besides, the company has experience with many different types of clients, such as small businesses, associations, public or nonprofit organizations. Hence, potential customers from those groups can choose WDG with peace in mind. 


Moove It

Moove It has been offering high-quality services, including team scaling, product discovery, digital transformation, and web or mobile development since 2006. Thanks to their focus on creating impact, sticking to values, and delivering sustainable results, the Moove It team gained popularity in a short period. Big corporations like Disney Streaming Services, Hulu, or Shopify noticed the Moove It team's flexibility and took advantage of their services, too.

In web development projects, the Moove It team dedicates efforts to the highest possible quality through extensive code reviews or evaluation of the process. The team undertakes an Agile approach in project management to reduce risks, shorten the development cycle, and improve the overall efficiency. Besides, transparency in communication plays a huge role in their projects. In every stage of the development process, the client can easily contact the team, ask questions, and get honest responses. Moove It ensures periodic communication through Zoom, Slack or Skype meetings, emails, or the JIRA backlog management system. While Moove It expertise can be pricey for small companies, their services are worth investing in. 



Founded in 2008, TIVIX is a mobile and web development company based in the U.S. It has six offices worldwide that aim the same goal- utilizing an agile approach in services to create sustainable digital innovations. The TIVIX team integrates Google Ventures Design Sprint and Stanford's methodology in their processes to deliver exceptional projects. As a result, TIVIX has served hundreds of clients, including large enterprises like Apple, Tesla, and newly-funded organizations such as Marlette Funding or SwiftStack. 

The company offers full-stack development with front and back end operations. The TIVIX team utilizes Django, Python, Node J.S. tools for scalable, and fast development cycles in back-end processes. They use REST APIs in back-end development to facilitate front-end interfaces with React and Angular frameworks. Besides, Vue and Polymer are also in the technological focus of TIVIX. Whether a client needs front-end, back-end, or full-scale solutions, the team ensures high-quality projects through extensive Quality Assurance. The developers review the codes several times and test the projects to discover any technical issues before the launch date. If a client needs content management systems, TIVIX can provide bespoke services using Wagtail, Drupal, and WordPress. In short, TIVIX is one of the web development companies which provide all-in-one solutions in a glimpse of an eye. 



For small businesses with low budgets for web development companies, Scopic is a perfect match. The company provides a wide range of services, including design, digital marketing, desktop, web, or mobile app development. Though Scopic offers affordable services, they do not give up on the quality. The Scopic team works with every client individually to create custom websites that suit the businesses' images, goals, and budgets. They also provide both front-end and back-end solutions for flexibility and scalability in their projects. The Scopic team has worked with more than a thousand customers, including Kodawari Yoga, FitStation, and SoundBridge. If you are looking for a high-quality website development service with reasonable prices, Scopic is the way to go. 


How to Select the Most Suitable Company?

Since the websites gained importance for businesses, the number of web developers has increased. We have gathered twelve leading developers on this list. However, when potential clients have access to more than one option, they can be confused about which company to choose. After all, each of these web development companies provides high-quality services. 

When selecting web development companies, clients face two issues. First, identifying reliable companies from low-quality service providers is difficult. In this guide, we eliminated this challenge by determining leading service providers. The second issue is choosing the best option from the list of great web development companies. Besides, if clients want to get services from another company, they should evaluate properly. Hence, we will also facilitate decision-makers by introducing the main features that need to be considered. 



The cost of developing a website is one of the essential factors when it comes to the selection process. Some of the web development companies, as mentioned earlier, provide affordable services, while others require premium pricing. Sure, all of them will deliver fantastic results. However, when clients pay more, they get additional benefits, such as much faster development or after-sale support. If a client has no budget limitations, then it is desirable to choose a premium developer. Yet, it is better for small companies to get affordable services that deliver all the necessary features.



Sometimes clients can notice that web development companies delay the project in the development process. While they promise a fixed time for launch, the team starts negotiating the deadline once they implement the project. Sure, there can be unexpected issues, but constant delays are not desirable. After all, clients can lose a competitive advantage if they miss the time-to-market. Hence, before deciding on the service provider, ask them about their development cycle in detail. Besides, clients can support the claims of the developers by getting additional information from previous customers. Asking for references or searching reviews online, such as using the Gygzy review and research platform, can be helpful in this stage. 



Another problem occurs when the clients receive projects that look nothing like the discussed specifications. Before the developers start working, they need to listen to the customer's needs and wants. During the implementation stage, they should communicate the mandatory changes or recommendations for alterations to the customer. Professional web development companies that we put into our list have experience in working with the clients. Hence, most of them even utilize extensive project management and assign managers to every single work they receive. In this way, they ensure smooth communication flow and maximize customer satisfaction. 


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