Vital Factors To Consider When You Hire Mobile App Developer

Today, there are a lot of companies that offer mobile app development services. Because of the huge demand from the customer side, some offer their services at higher prices. But it does not mean that a costly service is necessarily of high-quality. In general, as a client, you should not consider the cost as the most influential factor. There are numerous essential elements to consider when you hire a mobile app developer. Make sure you read this article carefully so that you know all the essentials while hiring a mobile developer. 

Determine the Type of App You Need

You need to know exactly what kind of app you need and hire a developer with a particular skill set. If you need an app with complicated features, you cannot just order a basic app, or vice-versa. So, when you hire a mobile app developer, determine your requirements in advance. In general, we classify mobile apps into three types in terms of their complexity level. They are basic, moderate, and complex.

Basic Apps 

As it is known from its name, basic apps have quite basic features. That is why it is easier to build them. Because of their primitiveness, they also take less time to build. On average, two months is necessary to come up with an app of basic features. Needless to say, they cost relatively cheaper and require little personnel. But since the cost is heavily dependent on other factors, such as the region, the experience of developers, etc. we cannot say something for sure. 

Moderate Apps

Moderate apps are more complicated compared to basic apps. Logically, they take more time and cost to be built. The needed duration to make a moderate app is around four months. It is usually enough for many businesses that do not require extraordinary features.

Complex Apps

Complex apps consist of many functionalities and features. This fact reflects on its price and build time. In this case, you need a team of experienced developers who can overcome this challenge. You will need to wait around 5-8 months to receive your ready app. 

Hire a Mobile App Developer within Your Budget

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You cannot spend more than what you have on app development. But it does not mean that you should spend all your money on it. In general, numerous factors affect the cost of a mobile app. The platform it is built on, the region from where the developer is, the seniority level of the developer, etc. for instance, WebClues Global, a Boston based company costs below $35 per hour. Ensure you do deep research when you hire a mobile developer. Also, do not forget that you will have to pay a significant amount for mobile app development. Considering this aspect, we advise you tohire a mobile app developer who has designing and testing skills, too. In this case, you will get rid of the extra costs that you would have to incur for the designer and tester. 

Check out the Portfolio

Exploring the portfolio of the candidate is another nuance to look at on how to choose a mobile developer. Make sure you ask for a portfolio from all developers you shortlist. Go through their portfolio and check out the apps they have created before. Also, you have to check if they have created a similar app to what you have in your mind. It will give you an idea if they can build the desired app and surpass the expectations.

Further, ensure you check the functionality of the apps. See how well they work. Are there any bugs that need to be fixed? Do not forget to check the reviews by the app users. See if they complain about any feature. All these points will brief you about the work of the developer you question. So, make sure you go through all these steps while exploring portfolios. 

Look for Reviews and References

References are critical factors to look at when you hire a mobile app developer. They can be in the form of user reviews, too. The first thing to do here is to check out the website of your developer candidate. Look what their previous clients have mentioned about them. Were they satisfied with the service they received? Ask your developer to provide a reference, as well. If they do not have anything to show, or bring pretexts, then you can move on to search for someone else.

Further, communicate with their previous customers getting their contact from the apps. Ask what their impression was. Keep in mind that the thoughts of others about the developers will give you useful insights about their quality. So, you will quickly understand if they suit what you look for. 

Easy Communication

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Communication is the key. If any of you cannot explain his/her thoughts clearly, this app will probably fail. At least you will not get what you want. Communication is a broad term. If we go into details, there can be a misunderstanding in technical terms. For instance, if you are bad at technical terms, will they patiently listen and understand you, or vice versa. They should be able to clarify points in non-technical terms so that you can comprehend it.

Moreover, you will have to work together late at night. Will the developers you shortlisted be okay with it? Will they accept it naturally and respectfully?

In general, considering the communication factor, you would perhaps be better off by skipping the remote developer option. That is probably the only negative side of the remote work. Still, you can research thoroughly and find remote developers that may communicate with you ideally. Shortly, pay enough attention to possible communication issues when you hire a mobile developer

Do not Select the Busiest Ones

The busiest ones are not always the best ones. You may think that the busy developers are definitely quality ones. Well, that is true in most cases. But it does not mean that they will be able to deliver a high-quality app to you. Since they are already busy with a lot of things, they will barely find some time to talk to you. Chances are among so much work they will be unable to spare enough time and attention to your app. So, no matter how good the developers are. 


As you can notice, there are a lot of factors to consider when you hire a mobile app developer. From price and the experience of your candidate to communication and better understanding, all these aspects are crucial and require attention. If you consider one and skip another, you will not get what you want. That is why you should make sure you take into account all the nuances mentioned above to make a correct decision in terms of a mobile developer. You can check out other articles on our page if you find this one helpful. 

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