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Supporting B2B Businesses With Purposeful Marketing, Development, and Creative

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  • 2005
    • Los Angeles
Web Development, Web Design


Atak Interactive is a Creative Agency with a Purpose. They believe that every single dollar that is spent in marketing, every path that is laid and every action is taken should serve for one single purpose ... Growing. To achieve this purpose they help companies attract, connect, close and delight their clientele. They do this by having marketing, creative and development capabilities built-in for each step of the customer lifecycle. They have an office located in the US, in the city of Los Angeles and another office located in Belgrade in Serbia. Adding the two offices they have an incredible creative team of developers, marketing and support team who together create an effective lead generation process that welcomes new customers. Atak Interactive provides Strategy, including purposeful Marketing, Brand Strategy, Data Strategy, Audience Strategy and Marketing to sales Strategy. Marketing services include B2B Marketing, Account-Based Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Franchise Marketing, and sales enablement. Creative Services include Branding and identity, Sales Collateral, Trade Show booth design, Print advertising, and video production. Development Services include website development, e-commerce development, custom programming, Software Integrations, and application development. Over the years they have worked mainly with small startups and medium-sized businesses.


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Los Angeles
941 E. Second St. #201 Los Angeles, CA 90012

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