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  • $25 - $49/hr
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  • 2011
    • New York
Web Design, E-commerce Development, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Software Development, Mobile App Development

Bacancy Technology was established in 2011. It has offices in Ahmedabad, Toronto, Stockholm, New York. It evolved a webcam software solution to take pictures and to record videos. Its mission is to improve humanity through software and help to create an economically and socially just world. It has been designed as a security system for managing office premises, residence, or retail stores with advanced security. Bacancy operates with creative people and organizations-whether in the financial, social, or public sectors. It builds smart teams that enjoy obstacles and creative thinking to help its customers thrive. It designed a webcam-based software system in such a specific way that it can track and record several webcams at the same time, based on the particular client requirement. Since then, in almost all sectors, it has completed over 500 projects for more than 100 customers. It focuses on helping its industry to improve and trust in sharing what it learns. Bacancy Technology believes strongly in the influence of software and engineering as instruments of social change. It cooperates with organizations with a humanitarian and broad-based mission through its Social Impact Programme, which helps them make use of technology. It puts together the people that are most competent, inspired, and passionate.


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New York
201 E. Jefferson St., Suite 200, New York 13202
(347) 441-4161

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