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  • 2009
    • Chicago
Web Development, Software Development, Mobile App Development, E-commerce Development


Codal is a mobile app development and UX design agency. Their process is data-driven and their projects are fueled by passion. Codal has a simple mission, Engineer for a sustainable future, Design with a purpose and work with the best. The advantages of working with Codal are Full transparency, Agile Processes, Real-time project Status, Trust & Reliability, onsite Collaboration, Dedicated teams, Heavy involvement from their clients, innovation & Strategy. They have a magnificent team of developers, engineers, designers and marketers who come together under one same job title; Storyteller. Every app they build, every website they design and every solution they create has their fingerprints. Their work tells their story and Codal wants to help clients tell their own story. Keval Baxi founded Codal back in 2009. Their office is located in Chicago, US; they have another office in Ahmedabad, India and another in Lincoln, England. The Services they offer are Web & Mobile, eCommerce, Digital Strategy, Emerging Tech, Support. Over the years they have worked with several different industries such as Agricultural Technology, Education, Non-Profit, Hospitality, Retail/eCommerce, Financial Technology, Healthcare, Social, Real Estate, Manufacturing & Logistics, Marketing Technology, Consumer Products and Services, Business Services, Healthcare & Medical, Art, Entertainment & Music, Gaming, Retail. Over the years Codal has worked with startups, small businesses, growing businesses, and multimillion-dollar enterprises.


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11 E Hubbard St. Chicago, IL 60611

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