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  • 2007
    • New York
Web Design, E-commerce Development, Writing Services, Web Development, Mobile App Development

DesignBee is a global Web Design and Development Company. It provides intelligent cost-effective IT and Web solutions. DesignBee was founded back in 2007 in New York. Amongst the wide list of services that DesignBee provides, you can find Web Design, Web Development, Smart Phone Apps, Creative Design, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development, Content Writing, E-commerce development, Maintenance & Support, Writing Services. They also offer outsourcing Services which include, Business Partnership, Human Resource, and White Labelling. The advantages of working with DesignBee is that they are a Creatively talented team in Web and e-marketing, customized Project Solutions, Cost-Effective Solutions, Successful Results, and Happy Clients. Over the years they have gained expertise working with the different domain industries such as Industrial, Enterprise, Startups, Travel and Lifestyle, E-commerce, Transportation & Logistics, NGOs, Real Estate, Media, Manufacturing, Legal And Compliance, Information Technology, Hospitality, Health Care & Medical, Government, Gaming, Education, Consumer Products, Business Services, Art, Entertainment & Music, Automotive, Advertising, and Marketing. In the past they have mainly worked with all size companies, from startups to multimillion-dollar enterprises, DesignBee has the experience and know-how.


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New York
101 Park Avenue New York, NY 10017 United States

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