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  • $50 - $99/hr
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  • 2014
    • New York
Web Development, Web Design, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing

DidMy Marketing, a creative development company, was founded in 2014. It is headquartered in Buffalo, New York. It aims to promote new businesses for its customers. Its innovative approach enables it to partner with companies to help them update their market niche. By achieving a detailed understanding of the needs and objectives of a business through real communication, it gains knowledge. The expertise of DidMy Marketing discovers what companies have to say, and helps them to say that. Its specialists in digital marketing can help identify missed opportunities in your current marketing plan. It creates a detailed and innovative marketing strategy for your business with the data it has obtained. To increase the bottom line, the team must implement, fine-tune, and manage your digital marketing plan. DidMy Marketing is a large group of professionals working in the areas needed for the growth of a business. Its employees are branders, web developers, content curators, social media gurus, SEO specialists, and hosting and security experts. Its attention to detail and panoramic view of the entire picture at DidMy Marketing has allowed them to create packages designed to exponentially grow a business by gaining new customers and allowing those new customers to develop into lifelong allies.


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New York
725 Englewood Ave, Buffalo, New York 14223
(716) 300-8099

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