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Web Design, Writing Services

Eyes Opened Media & Design is a web design and development, marketing, graphic, and print design and web administration Agency. Eyes Opened Media and Design can help the client create an impactful online lasting experience that makes your customers engage, stimulating traffic and cultivating clients' brand. They listen and understand clients' business goals to visually communicate the message that the client wants to transmit. Working together with the client they create a customized action plan that will create positive results. They have experience working with several different platforms, that include, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, and Wordpress. They have worked with Special projects that include, WordPress website building workshops for small organizations, photography, editorial, graphic design and layout, proofing, freelance writing, consulting, content production, videography, and editing, content production, podcasts, blogging workshops for youth. Amongst the services, they provide they include web design and web development, website maintenance, branding collateral, and content publishing. For their print and Web graphics service includes, wedding media, photo books, booklets, programs, book covers, social media banners, branding identity collateral, marketing, posters, signage, t-shirt designs, print advertisements, business cards, bookmarks, brochures, and flyers. They are based in San Francisco in the US. It was founded by Christine Joy Ferrer, back in 2014.


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San Fransisco
915 Cayuga Ave, SF CA 94112

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