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  • $50 - $99/hr
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  • 1984
    • Los Angeles
Web Design, Web Development

Maestro Digital is focused on resolving complex difficulties with its team of vital and inventive specialists. They look at every ramification of each brand decision with savvy instruments and worldwide assets, making new encounters and opening new ways for innovations to create technology-driven solutions. They plunge into clients' business models and propose to them digital strategies and tactics to upgrade and accelerate clients' brands with fully equipped new techniques. Maestro handles assorted elements of web development and web designing, proposing a complete branding solution, making clients company an abiding brand. Along these years they have provided these services Strategy & Positioning, Design & Prototyping, Branding & Identity, Digital & Interaction, Motion & Experience, Social Engagement. Maestro Digital has 3 offices worldwide. Corporate Office located in Canada (Toronto), another office is located in the US (Los Angeles) and they have a Production office in Pakistan (Karachi). Over the years they have worked in a number of different industries such as Advertising & Marketing, Art, Entertainment & Music,  Education, Financial & Payments, Gambling, Government, Business Services, Information Technology, Telecommunication,  Real Estate, Designing, Legal & Compliance, Media, NGO´s, Transportation & Logistics, Social, E-Commerce, Insurance, and Public Sector.


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Los Angeles
1221 W 3rd ST APT 139, Los Angeles CA 90017

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