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  • $100 - $149/hr
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  • 2008
    • New York
Web Design, E-commerce Development, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Mobile App Development

Newbird is a New York-based web design and digital marketing company that was created in 2008. It was founded in today's modern business world. Backed with a strong ability for design and a steadfast entrepreneurial spirit, Newbird is committed to remaining at the forefront of communication technology. Its team wants to push the envelope and build unique experiences for clients and their customers. Digital marketing is a perfect business, and it takes your success very seriously as it represents your success directly. It is proud to act in the best interests of its customers. Following the Golden Rule, Newbird keeps you aware and provides you with ongoing training so that your digital opportunities are better understood. Newbird is designed to offer excellent value by producing quality work at a lower cost than a conventional publicity agency. It is a team of experts with a high profile and a strong commitment, each to bring innovative and valuable ideas to your project. It believes in partnerships, not projects. It only builds its effectiveness when collaborating with Newbird after you've already succeeded. It partners with companies to develop digital campaigns to support WordPress or Magento sales and conversions. As an addition to its digital production departments, it partners with local and national advertising agencies.


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New York
1412 Broadway 21st floor, NYC, New York 10018

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