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Potentiometer test and stand or fall judge, the main requirement to potentiometer WTH118 is resistance value accords with requirement. Good contact between the central sliding end and the resistance body, smooth rotation. To the potentiometer that takes switch, switch part should action is accurate and reliable, flexible. Because this must check the stand or fall of potentiometer WTH118 2M2 performance before use. The measurement of resistance value, first of all according to the size of the resistance value of the measured potentiometer, choose the appropriate resistance gear of the multimeter, measure the resistance value, that is, the resistance value between the two pieces of AC, and the nominal resistance value comparison, see whether the two are consistent. At the same time rotate the sliding contact, its value should be fixed. If the resistance is infinite, the WTH118 1M potentiometer is damaged. Then measure the contact between the central end and the resistance body, that is, the resistance value between the two ends of BC. The method is that the multimeter ohm range in the appropriate measurement process, slowly rotating axis, pay attention to observe the reading of the multimeter, normal circumstances, the reading changes steadily in a direction, if there is a jump, drop or imnormal phenomenon, indicating that the active contact has bad contact fault.

When the center end slides to the first end or end, the WTH118 680K resistance value of the center end and the coincidence end is 0 in ideal state. In actual measurement, there will be a certain residual value, generally depending on the nominal value, generally less than 5 ω, which is a normal phenomenon. Precision potentiometer WTH118 560K, also called precision adjustable potentiometer, is a variable resistor that can adjust its resistance with high precision. Points with Pointers, without Pointers and other forms, adjust the number of turns 5,10, and so on. The potentiometer has the same characteristics of wire wound potentiometer WTH118 470K, but also has excellent linearity, fine adjustment and so on, can be widely used in the occasions of precise adjustment of resistance, the main parameters are resistance value, tolerance, rated power. Widely used in electronic equipment, sound and receiver for volume control.

Precision potentiometer principle editor, precision potentiometer WTH118 330K has a variety of forms, different structures. Only the main parts and materials are discussed comprehensively here. The resistance body is the resistance component which provides a certain resistance value in potentiometer. Its electrical performance determines the main electrical performance of potentiometer WTH118 220K. The resistance body should have good resistance stability, low resistance temperature coefficient and static noise. In order to improve reliability, it should also have moisture resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, high load resistance and resistance to sudden changes in cold and heat properties. Contact type WTH118 150K potentiometer resistance body, moving contact on its contact and sliding, so the surface of the resistance body has low resistivity, so that the contact resistance with the moving contact is small; At the same time, the surface resistivity should be evenly distributed, so as to keep the change of contact resistance and track resistance small in the effective electric stroke, so as to obtain more ideal resistance regularity characteristics.

The surface of resistance body should have proper smoothness, hardness and wear resistance to ensure its mechanical durability. To the line winds potentiometer WTH118 100K is to wind resistance wire to go up in skeleton, make circle ring or helical form wait for resistance body, to thin film or thick film potentiometer, it is resistance film is formed on male base plate, shape is horseshoe shape more, circle arc shape or strip shape. For synthetic full-core WTH118 47K potentiometers, a horseshoe or strip resistance rail is molded on the base. Skeleton and matrix, skeleton is wire wound potentiometer resistance body insulation support. The substrate (or substrate) is the support of the non-wire-wound WTH118 68K potentiometer resistor. The skeleton and matrix are usually made of materials with good insulation properties, requiring heat and moisture resistance, good electrical insulation, good chemical stability and thermal conductivity, and only a certain mechanical strength. Generally there are laminated paper plastic board, laminated cloth board, plastic, ceramic, glass and the surface of the insulated copper, aluminum and aluminum alloy, such as the surface of the insulated metal matrix, should have enough surface insulation, this skeleton matrix has good heat dissipation, but also easy to form.


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