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Multimedia & Animation

Rapid Eye Digital, a creative company, was founded in 2009. It provides animation, video, and post-production solutions for training, marketing, and entertainment. It is headquartered in San Francisco, with a studio location in Winston-Salem, NC. Its skilled team provides expert results through quality craftsmanship and creative ideology. Rapid Eye Digital is a created video production agency delivering innovative services ranging from animation projects and complete management of video, to outsourced production assistance and specialized consultations. Its expertise in project management will help drive the creative process towards new and innovative solutions to produce cost-effective and timely outcomes from over 20 years of production experience. Its mission is to provide the entertainment industry with renewed energy and creativity with innovative digital solutions. Its team has a history working for companies such as Pixar, Disney, and ILM, enabling it to exploit the creative and technical expertise in the projects of its company. R.E.D. will collaborate with you to understand your business requirements and create a program that fits your goals. Its design videos can help you reduce inconsistencies in regular training programs, enabling you to train an endless number of trainees without losing performance.


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San Fransisco
268 Bush St #2802 San Francisco, CA 94104
+1 415-294-1733

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