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  • $150 - $199/hr
  • 10 - 49
  • 2012
    • Los Angeles
Software Development, Web Design, Mobile App Development

Sidebench is an award-winning company that was formed in 2012. It is a mobile app, UX design, and custom software development company headquartered in Los Angeles. Its mission is to improve the way humans interact with technology by revealing unique opportunities in previously unknown territories. It is a diverse team of digital technologists, strategists, tinkerers, and thought leaders. Together, it strives to co-invent the future by putting its unique expertise from a diversified portfolio of industries. From the development of innovative solutions for healthcare providers, first-in-kind experiences for top consumer brands, to smoothing processes for government agencies, its capacities are adaptable and vast. It intends to reshape the DNA of entire industries to have a lasting effect that extends far beyond the product. Production is where Sidebench, through several sprints, transforms the ideas into a reality using best practices. Ultimately, you're going to have a live product ready for use by your team or clients. A group of designers will be taking a deep dive into user research, designing wireframes, constructing prototypes, and doing fast usability testing to ensure users love the product before writing a single line of code.


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Los Angeles
6060 Center Drive, Los Angeles, California 90045

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