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  • $25 - $49/hr
  • 10 - 49
  • 2010
    • Seattle
Web Design, E-commerce Development, Web Development, Software Development, Mobile App Development

Snaps Technology is a software technology service company that provides Mobile App Development, Web Design, Web Development, Software Development, E-commerce Development, Cloud Computing Services. Either on Cloud server or Hosting server Snaps Technology architects, develops and deploys the applications for accessing on the web. As they specialize in a number of different technologies, this allows them to offer their clients several different options when it comes to developing. As they use an agile developing methodology during the entire development cycle which consists of multiple iterative steps that start in the requirements phase and end at the deployment phase. They provide consulting and IT services at an extremely competitive price, allowing to add a new dimension to their clients' business. This allows them to differentiate themselves from the competition together with excellence and innovation. Soumen Hajra founded Snaps Technology back in 2010, he is currently Snaps Technology Director. They have offices in Seattle, in the US, and another office in Kolkata, India. Over the years they have gained experience working with small businesses and growing businesses but in the past, they have worked more with multimillion-dollar enterprises.


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2720 3rd Ave, Suite 802 Seattle, WA, 98121

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