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  • $25 - $49/hr
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  • 2014
    • New York
Web Design, E-commerce Development, Game Development, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Software Development, Mobile App Development

Winklix was founded in 2014, and it is headquartered in New York, US. It is an award-winning innovative company based in the USA, known worldwide for its excellent software engineering approach. It has branches in more than 6 + places, with 90 + developers who served more than 25 + enterprises. Winklix is a specialist in innovative business software development solutions, together with a strong interest in the development of mobile apps. Its varied sales and growth center worldwide provides its customers with the desired sense of satisfaction and achievement. Winklix is known around the world for offering a customized solution. It provides enterprises with high-quality solutions as a developer and maintenance company with more than 90+ software engineers. Its team loves operating with entrepreneurs to welcome their ideas, no matter whether they are startups or prominent businessmen. Its mission is to develop desktop, mobile, and web-based applications to be a backend software partner by meeting their on-demand developers ' requirements. The software development company, Winklix serves startups, SMBs, and Fortune 500 firms worldwide with advanced technology solutions. Winklix has optimized and integrated a wide variety of solutions such as SAP, SalesForce, custom app development, CRM and ERP, etc.


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New York
New York:116W, 45TH Street , New York ,NY,10036 , USA
+1-(347) 746 2125

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