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  • $50 - $99/hr
  • 50 - 249
  • 1994
    • San Fransisco
Web Development, Web Design, Mobile App Development

XIM is a Custom Software development Company. To ensure cost-efficient software development they use state of the art technologies. In order to do so, they encourage their team of Engineers to participate in IT  conferences, complete relevant courses, pass corresponding certifications and build their own unique set of skills and domain expertise. As a result, this benefits XIM, as they fully exploit the most recent advances in application development technologies, building innovational solutions with a scalable architecture that is easily integrable into larger systems. XIM was founded back in 1994 San Francisco by Laurence Pearce. This shows that they are a mature company that has turned a large amount of finding into well established best practices. XIM invests heavily in communication, business development, and people as they extremely appreciate their customers and employees. The Services they provide are Mobile App Development, Web Development, Customer Software Consulting, UI/UX Design, and application testing. Over the years they have worked with various different industries such as Healthcare, Advertising, Fintech, Education, Media, Automotive, Information Technology, Gaming, automotive, Entertainment and  Financial Services. Why choose XIM? They use an agile approach to development, Stable cross-functional teams that reassures no quality downgrade between the different teams, at the beginning of collaboration they have a probation period and they handle flexible pricing.


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San Fransisco
400 Beale Street, Suite 103, San Francisco, CA 94105, US

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