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Web Design, Writing Services

Yakkety Yak is a full-service digital marketing agency. Yakkety Yak believes in the power of words. Whether they are written, whispered, shouted or sung, words move us to questions, to think, to act. They believe in using their powers for good, to inspire people to make the world a tiny bit better. These are their core values: Authenticity - Purpose - Creativity - Transparency - Dedication. They bring their best selves to work, as they are passionate and they love what they do. From designing to executing strategies they are always drawing inspiration to keep the creativity flowing. They care for clients' business as much as they care for their own business. For this reason, they offer full visibility into what they are creating so that they are always working together with the customer. They think of themselves as clients plug and play marketing department that is committed. Ashley Logan Founded Yakkety Yak back in 2012 in Chicago in the US. Her purpose was to enable businesses and brands to tell better stories. She is currently the CEO of the Company. Amongst the list of services they offer Content Creation, Brand Strategy, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Graphic Design, Paid Search, Social Media, Reporting, Website Design, Video & Multimedia.


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216 South Jefferson St., Suite 200 Chicago, IL 60661

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